Project 52, Week 11

I love spring… every single thing about it. The promise it symbolizes… that no matter how bad the winter months were, each and every year, those first blossoms forge their way into the world ready to open up to the sun. Something about spring makes hope possible… does that make sense?

It’s been a weird week. it was spring break and I had no respite for the most part but even though the kids (especially Anna) were demanding, it didn’t bother me too much. We had a family day trip (with just the little ones) to the Perdanales State Park on Sunday that went wonderfully and then we took everyone to the rodeo on Wednesday and that was also a success (photos coming soon).
But my heart has been very heavy due to several things. Two friends are battling cancer… one of which is a very scary diagnosis, another SN mom’s little girl is fighting for her life in the hospital, and the Japan disaster really hit me hard. I’ve been finding myself very angry this week and I don’t like that at all.

I have an upcoming photography workshop and needed a longer focal length lens for it so I’ve been shopping for a used 85mm prime. I found one this week and it arrived today. This is my first photo with it. I fell in love with the bokeh and decided that it needed to be my photo of the week this week because…

1) Spring symbolizes hope for me.

2) I love the focus, the bokeh, the clarity and color.

3) I need a touchstone to view and meditate upon when feeling overwhelmed and angry. This seems like the perfect choice.

My prayers are with Debbie, Renee, Brigid, and all the people affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

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