Macro Mondays: Keyhole

This week’s theme for the Flickr Macro Mondays group is “Keyhole.” From this week’s instructions (via Moderator Hans Holt):

Our theme for next week’s Monday will be: keyhole.
Definition: Keyhole is a hole in a lock into which a key can be inserted.

Keyholes are everywhere in and outside your house. To name just a few possibilities: doors, gates, drawers, safes, jewelboxes, diaries, lockers, trunks, briefcases, padlocks, bicycles, cars, etc. All different in shape, design and surrounding material.

The keyhole must be the subject of your photograph, not merely an element that shows up as a background, foreground or other incidental element in your photo.

The key itself is not allowed to show up in the picture.

You Have the Key to My Heart

It’s been a month of Sundays since I posted. Our daughter was exposed to COVID so we’ve been in quarantine for a couple of weeks. Thankfully, no one developed any symptoms so we are in the clear as of tomorrow. I’ve been itching to shoot but so so so uninspired. We had a bright day of sunshine yesterday so I decided to shoot for this week’s Macro Mondays theme of “Keyhole.” Curtis got me this sweet little heart locket several years ago… it’s only about 3/4″ wide and believe it or not, I still have the key to it! (Those tiny keys are so easy to lose!) I thought it would make a perfect subject for this week’s theme.

Nikon D750 | 105mm | f/10 | 1/250 | ISO 800 | tripod

Jewelry Box Lock

I first chose my jewelry box’s keyhole as my subject for this week’s Macro Mondays theme of “Keyhole.” But the composition is kinda blah and I couldn’t make the image look very dynamic so I decided to go with the heart locket instead. I do like the colors and texture though, so I thought it was worth sharing. If nothing else, picking up my camera and getting some extra practice shots is good!

Nikon D750 | 105mm | f/10 | 1/250 | ISO 800 | handheld

Thanks for looking!

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