365 in 52 [2013] ~ Week Forty-Two

Yippee! Another good week. Whew. When you have a behaviorally challenged child, every day is a fragile egg that threatens to crack for no reason. The sheer amount of tension we’ve been living with has been so stressful, and I can’t even imagine what it’s been like for Anna. Curtis and I met with the behavioral specialist, Christina Rogers. She will meet with Anna tomorrow. Dominic got sick again. Another fever, this time with a bad cough. That is the third illness in six weeks, so his Infectious Disease specialist ran a bunch of tests… maybe we’ll get those results some time this week. My MIL came into town for a visit to see us and her brother in Mexia. The whole family went to his surprise birthday party to celebrate his turning 70. Happy Birthday to Curtis’s Uncle Bill! The kids got to meet second cousins they’ve never met before and Bill works at a radio station so it was fun getting to see the inside.

Day 291 ~ Busy Bee

Walking down to check the mail, I spotted a wee bee flitting around some flowers. I’m so glad I had my macro lens on!

Austin nature macro bee insect flower photographer

Day 292 ~ Me and Jen

Jenny was in town for the weekend and it was so good to see her. I’ve been missing her like crazy! We got a shot of just the two of us. 🙂

Austin lifestyle portrait mother daughter photographer

Day 292 ~ Radio Station Hideout

We traveled to Fairfield to celebrate Curtis’s Uncle Bill’s 70th birthday. He is a DJ for KNES 99.1 so the party was held at the radio station. Anna was a bit overwhelmed by all the people and her little 2-year old second cousin, so she hung out in the soundproof booth and watched videos.

Austin lifestyle child girl daughter photographer

Day 292 ~ Curtis and Judy

A quick snap of my honey with his momma.

Austin lifestyle portrait mother son photographer

Day 292 ~ Boot Chandelier

After the party we went to the Lone Star Cantina in Fairfield to have an early dinner for 16 of us. I understand the place has killer chicken fried steak but I had eaten lunch just a couple of hours earlier so I took pictures instead. 🙂

Austin lifestyle restaurant photographer

Day 292 ~ New Friends

Anna wanted to sit by herself once dinner was finished but she allowed her two older second cousins to join her to watch some Minion videos on YouTube.

Austin lifestyle child portrait cousins photographer restaurant

Day 292 ~ Happy 70th Uncle Bill

Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Uncle Bill.

Austin lifestyle portrait birthday photographer

Thanks for looking!

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