365 in 52 [2013] ~ Week Three

It was a fun, busy week. I’m trying to capture more lifestyle images of my children so they have these memories captured for when they are older.

Day Fifteen ~ Shooting Hoops

Anna started Special Olympics basketball season a couple weeks ago. This is her third season and she has been really looking forward to it. For her age and skill range, Anna works on individual skills which means moving between three stations… 10-Meter Dribble, Spot Shot, and Target Pass. She is an awesome athlete. Here she is doing the Spot Shot. I’m loving how many student volunteers turned out this year to help.

Austin lifestyle child girl black and white photographer basketball Special Olympics

Day Fifteen ~Anxious

For some reason this year, Anna is having a much harder time managing Special Olympics than last year. During the first week, she would not let me sit down. I stayed right by her side the whole night. But that doesn’t do her any favors in helping her be independent so I bribed her this week. I’m not proud of it, but you gotta do what works, right? For the price of 2 Reese’s peanut butter cups, she went station to station independently… giving me a thumbs up after completing her turn. I snuck over to get a few photos after her Spot Shot turn and found her managing her anxiety on her own. Look at her bendy fingers… her hypotonia is very strong in her hands. We are supposed to see the geneticist for our 3-year visit in the morning. It should be interesting to hear what she says.

Austin lifestyle child girl black and white photographer

Day Seventeen ~ Some Days

Momma said there’d be days like this… Anna got off the bus crying. Rough day at school, rough day with me. I had to leave her crying in the living room and go to my bedroom and shut the door. Sometimes it’s all I can do. She laid down on the chair and fell asleep. She slept for two hours and woke up feeling much better. Sigh. I worry so much about her. She has these episodes where all of a sudden she is angry. Very angry. Then she cries, then she falls asleep. They feel neurological to me.

Austin lifestyle child girl black and white photographer sleep asleep sleeping

Day Eighteen ~ New Friend

Anna and I went to Mill’s Pond, which I call the duck pond. We wandered around for a little while, chatting up families with babies in strollers and meeting lots of dogs. Then Anna found this special duck. I backed away and got some shots as she quietly, with determination and patience, befriended the little feathered animal. It wasn’t until I tried to get closer that we realized this little duck has a broken foot. No wonder Anna made friends with him. <3

Austin lifestyle child girl black and white photographer duck nature

Day Eighteen ~ Walking George

Just like a real momma, Anna walks her baby down the dock toward the pond. It was such a beautiful evening.

Austin lifestyle child girl babydoll photographer

Day Eighteen ~ Caught

I went upstairs about 10:30 to give Anna her levothyroxine (so much easier to wake her up before I go to sleep for this pill rather then get her up at 5:30 in the morning 30 minutes before eating) and went to check on Dominic… I found him reading with the book light that Nana gave him for Christmas finishing Catching Fire, second in the series of the Hunger Games, which he received for Christmas from me. He is devouring this series. He reminds me of Jenny when she was 8… and Curtis and me too. We are all avid readers.

Austin lifestyle child boy black and white photographer read reading

Day Twenty ~ In Her Element

We met Jenny in San Marcos for lunch, then went over to Texas State to wander around. It was so fun having Jenny show us where she hangs out in between classes. It’s hard to believe that she is finishing up her junior year in college. Gulp. I’m old.

Austin lifestyle woman college photographer

Day Twenty ~ On The Dock

Wandering around Sewell Park at Texas State, Curtis had Dominic go down to the dock by the spring-fed San Marcos River to get a photo. I couldn’t resist getting one too! I love how Dominic’s bright orange shirt pops against all of the natural color and coordinates with the construction barrels off in the distance.

Austin lifestyle child boy nature photographer

Day Twenty-One ~ Climbing

Three-day weekend equals a spent mommy. Curtis took pity on me and whisked the kids out for the afternoon, so I took my macro out back and went exploring. I found these seedling puffs on a neighbor’s bush. I had to lean back and look up to get this shot… love.

Austin macro nature wildflower bush puff bloom photographer

Day Twenty-One ~ Escaping

In this shot, the little puffs look like they are escaping… something I can relate to when I’m out shooting macro. <3

Austin macro nature wildflower bush puff bloom photographer

Thanks for looking! I hope everyone has a great week!

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