365 in 52 [2013] ~ Week Two

I have been so inspired! I’m reading The Photographer’s Eye by Michael Freeman which builds upon the Shooting 301: Elements of Design class that I took last fall with Sarah Wilkerson at Clickin Moms. Everywhere I turn, I’m seeing through my lens. I’m seeing texture, form, lines, color… I’m so energized! I hope this feeling lasts for a long time. 🙂 Here’s my second week of the year.

Day Eight ~ Studious Boy

Dominic was working on his TAG math homework and I saw angles. I knew I wanted to capture his handwriting during this time, he’s growing up so fast.

Austin lifestyle boy child photographer homework

Day Nine ~ Morning Rain

With Curtis traveling, I took Dominic to school. I’m so lucky that Daddy does this most mornings. It was cold and rainy.

Austin lifestyle street photographer rain

Day Ten ~ Little Ladybug

I walked to pick up Dominic after school and on our way home, he spotted this tiny ladybug. I’d never seen a yellow one before!

Austin nature macro ladybug insect photographer

Day Twelve ~ Chair

The kids were playing video bowling and I was struck with the lines of the deck out back, so I moved a kitchen chair there in front of the door and began moving it around… experimenting with the light and lines. I even like the smudged up windows… this is our life.

Austin lifestyle photographer chair lines

Day Thirteen ~ Shoulder and Sternum

I have been wanting to do some macro work with Dominic. His little shoulders have that sweet fuzz that will soon turn dark. I love the way the light plays with the shadows on his shoulder, neck, and sternum.

Austin lifestyle macro child boy photographer black and white

Austin lifestyle macro child boy photographer black and white

Day Fourteen ~ Strawberry Bokeh

You know how much I love macro and in cutting up strawberries for a snack, I wondered what the tiny seeds would like blown up. Seeing the curved strawberrry bokeh from the highlights was a nice suprise!

Austin macro strawberry fruit photographer

Thanks for looking!

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