“The Way I View,” A Clickin Moms 12-Month Challenge: December ~ The Holidays

I participated in a fun 12-month challenge at Clickin Moms called “The Way I View.” Each month a group of 12 CM photographers interpreted that month’s theme through photographs, then linked to each other’s blogs. This is our last month and we lost quite a few of our original 12 from the beginning of the year but I’m so proud of us who stuck with it! Clickin Moms is planning another blog circle project for 2013 and I have signed up again.

The Way I View: December ~ The Holidays meant compiling photos all month. All of my P52 photos from the last three weeks included holiday festivities but I did save a few (ahem) images for this particular post. Because of Anna’s autism, the Christmas season is not I look forward to anymore. And that’s pretty sad. It used to be my favorite holiday. I had fantasies as a child that I would have holiday linens, Christmas china, special decorations… I would create magic in my home. When Anna was two, she took everything off the bottom of the Christmas tree and either tried to eat it or destroy it. We invested in plastic ornaments and plastic hooks for her third Christmas. As she’s gotten older, she remembers holidays past… gifts and Santa, and she obsesses. Her brain perseverates so intensely that she cries, gets angry, and shuts down. I feel so badly for her. Jenny and Dominic still make the season fun of course. Dominic is old enough now to want to pick out his own gifts for people and it was wonderful to watch his face as the family opened his gifts. It really is all about giving.

One of my favorite things is putting my macro lens on and capturing little details. Since I upgraded my camera body, I wasn’t sure how my old 60mm macro would perform on my full frame, and it did fine. I definitely want a 105mm macro and once I get all of my crop sensor gear sold, I’ll be investing in a used one. But my little 60 did a good job capturing some of the Christmas tree details.

I decided to keep our actual Christmas morning photos private, so I hope you’ve enjoyed The Way I View The Holidays. 🙂  To see how Valerie views The Holidays, visit her blog here. Thanks for looking!

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