Project 52 [Twenty-Twelve]: Week 6 ~ The Most Important Emotion

Emotion. I had so many ideas for this week’s theme from My Four Hens but I wasn’t sure how to incorporate macro with emotion. And which emotion to focus on? It was a roller coaster of a week. Dominic’s behavior continued to escalate at school with an email home Tuesday about bad behavior (so bad that another parent complained), followed by a phone call from his TAG teacher Wednesday saying that she was going to have to temporarily suspend him from coming to TAG class because he’s been so disruptive. In tears, I called his psychologist asking for advice and called the psychiatrist again begging to get in before March 1st for our intake appointment. We’re pinning all of our hope on medication. Dominic is cycling between out of control crazy silliness to scary aggressive rage sometimes from hour to hour. He’s really gotten so much worse in the last few weeks. We had his 504 meeting Friday after school and got some accommodations put in place and the psychiatrist was able to work us in for Tuesday morning, Valentine’s Day. Hope is on the horizon. I just want to hold my boy close and pepper him with love. It’s been so hard on him. So you can see why I didn’t pick up my camera much this week, yes?

With Valentine’s Day around the corner and this week’s theme of emotion, I had an idea to take a photo of our wedding rings with us in the background sharing a hug or a kiss to represent love. But… sigh… I tried earlier today and just boffed it. So after I got the kids to bed, I decided instead to just focus on the rings. This May 24th will mark our 15th wedding anniversary. My wedding ring hasn’t fit on my chubby hand since I had Anna, and Curtis lost his original wedding ring so this is a 10-year anniversary gift replacement which also doesn’t fit Curtis at the moment. They are well worn and well loved, as evidenced by the nicks and scratches. We’ve been through years of marriage counseling, a short separation, ups and downs, and through it all, we’ve been best friends and we’ve never stopped loving each other. I couldn’t be happier with where we are today and these rings perfectly symbolize us. Love really is the most important emotion of all.

macro wedding rings

Thanks for looking! I hope to be back with a much happier post and update about Dominic next week. And Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

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