Weekly Photo Walk: Friday Night in Austin

This week, Curtis and I had our photo walk on Friday night instead of Sunday. Wasn’t there some kind of important sporting event happening on Sunday? 😉 My mom had Dominic so Curtis and I took Anna out to eat and decided to try someplace new, someplace in the downtown area, and take our cameras. We ended up at 6th and Lamar, ostensibly to have ice cream at Amy’s after dinner. There used to be a Waterloo Ice House in the shopping center, but it’s changed hands and is now 24 Diner. Touted as chef-inspired comfort food, we were excited to try it.

24 Diner Restaurant

We only had to wait about 10 minutes for a table which wasn’t bad. While waiting, I took some shots outside of the restaurant.

24 Diner Restaurant

One of my favorite images, the bench outside had a fabulous steel plating on the wall which reflected the light nicely. I love the selective lighting on the bench itself and the composition is a little uncomfortable which I also like.

24 Diner Restaurant bench

One of their decorative accents inside and out, 24 Diner uses round metal fencing as accents. Outside, it encompasses the outdoor picnic table area.

Once seated, our order was taken quickly so we had time to look around. I’m not super comfortable posting photos of strangers without their permission (in fact, I didn’t take many inside) but their wall lighting really caught my eye because of the pattern it threw on the wall.

Inspired by an old creativity challenge on Clickin Moms called Fork, Knife, or Spoon (see my original photo here), I looked down and loved the light I was getting on my fork and knife. My soda and a bottle of ketchup complete the scene.

24 Diner fork

I’m so glad I had my macro lens mounted because I just looked up slightly from this vantage point and found the rim of my Coke glass. Artsy, no? The fork shot and this shot… love. No one else may like them, but I do. 🙂

My straw kept bobbing to the surface of my glass, so I took advantage of the carbonation to snag a little bubble macro.

24 Diner soda carbonation bubble

I ordered a club sandwich and I’m about to embarrass myself by admitting that I didn’t know what all the ingredients were that came on the sandwich, specifically aioli and fontina. Ahem, well… let’s just suffice it say that one of those is a stinky cheese that tastes bitter. Eww! But the rest of the food was delicious and it is someplace that I would go back to.

After dinner, we wandered outside. Across the street is Whole Foods. I love shopping there, though we don’t go often since it’s not convenient. Full of fresh, organic produce and products, it’s a very Austin place. I like the night time ambiance in this shot.

Whole Foods Market

Across the street on the far side of 6th Street there is a gym called Mecca and a store called Chico’s. I was really hoping to catch somebody working out but I guess on Friday night, everyone has something better to do.

Chico's and Mecca

We walked past Waterloo Records. That place has such a cool vibe! Curtis and Anna went in before we ate but it was crowded now so we didn’t go back in.

Waterloo Records

Then it was on to Amy’s Ice Creams! This section of the strip has a bunch of other little shops, but I was focused on getting ice cream especially since I didn’t like my sandwich. Alas, the line was very long and there was only one person working, so we didn’t stay.

As we walked back to the car, I noticed this No Bicycles on Sidewalk sign. I found it ironic that a bike rack was placed just beneath it and thought it would be a cute photo.

So we headed home and I didn’t get any ice cream. Boo. But we had a lovely time out. It’s rare that we take Anna out to eat just the three of us and even more rare to go out after 7 p.m. with her, so it was really fun. She did great and we hope to do it again soon. Thanks for looking!

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