Project 52 [Twenty-Twelve]: Week 3 ~ Wishing Inspiration

It’s amazing how getting out and shooting for myself makes me feel so much better, more energized, creative, and balanced. It was mid-afternoon today and I had a handful of images for P52 that were contenders this week, but none of them spoke to me. Sarah Cornish, of My Four Hens, is hosting a P52 this year on Flickr. She has had the best themes I’ve seen so far. Usually I don’t like to shoot toward a theme, I find it too limiting, but Sarah is finding just the right words that are resonating with me. I thought about Sarah’s prompt this week… “inspiration”… and decided to take a walk out back behind our house.  There is a little stream and amidst the trampled grasses, there was one lone dandelion puff standing straight and tall, glowing in the sunshine. I knew it was the one.

As I was shooting, I laid down in the grass. I thought back to when I was a child and how delighted I used to get when I found a perfectly intact dandelion puff. I remembered the wariness I had of carefully snapping the delicate puff from the ground, careful to not disturb the rooted seeds. I recalled the anticipation of scrunching my eyes shut tight, making a wish, then blowing with gusto to release the seeds and watch my wish explode into the air. I wondered what it would be like to be inside the puff… could I get my lens nestled in between the seeds and create the perspective of being wished upon? THIS is inspiration. Marrying the magic of childhood memories with photography to create something unique and beautiful.

It’s dreamy, soft, and ethereal… much like wishes.

I had a few other images from my encounter with the dandelion puff. I just love <super puffy love> macro. Sigh.

Thanks for looking! I’d love to hear what you find inspiring and how you’ve captured that with your photography.

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