Project 52, Week 50

Christmas is definitely one of my favorite times of the year. Unpacking and hanging ornaments is a walk down memory lane and always evokes warm feelings of connection to the past. I was feeling a little out of sorts last weekend, frazzled to tell you the truth, and once I had the tree decorated, I was compelled to pull out my macro lens. Now I think I’ve mentioned before, but something profound happens to me when I’m shooting macro… the world stops. All of the noise, all of the chatter, all of the pressure… it just stops. I become one with my camera. I know that sounds hokey but it truly does happen to me. I shot a series of macro images using my Christmas tree and I’ll share those images too this week.

This little angel has been mine for as long as I remember. I have no recollection of how I acquired her (I’m sure a gift from my mom at some point), but she is always the last ornament I put on the tree. She is tiny, measuring maybe an inch in length, and I always hang her near the top of the tree. Once she is in place, I step back and fold my arms across my chest, taking one last critical look before exhaling that contented sigh… it’s done.

We will be traveling for the holidays and I intend to write and write and write. I have one last family session to share and oodles of family photos from the year too. This week was very interesting and sobering. What I need to talk about is not Anna this time… it’s Dominic. And I’m still trying to wrap my head around what we learned this week. Be prepared for lots of blogging! LOL, you’ve been warned.

Here are some of my other macro shots…

This tiny teddy bear is my second favorite ornament. I’ve had him as long as the ballerina and he is just as tiny. His swing really swings too!

I took a shot of these red bells on last year’s tree and I love this image so much more. It’s nice to see my growth as a photographer!

Playing with deliberate out of focus Christmas tree light bokeh by manually moving the macro lens. In each successive shot, I rotated my lens to the right a bit, then a bit more.

These ceramic angels were made for my mom when I was a child and I loved them so much that she gave them to me when I moved out on my own as an adult. I always have them on the mantel anchoring the center amidst the stockings and they reflect the Christmas lights so beautifully.

Thanks for looking!

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