Georgetown Photowalk

Back in March (eek, I have been SO behind in editing personal photos!), we went to explore Georgetown, a small town about 30 or so minutes north of here. Georgetown has a quaint, old-fashioned town square surrounded by local businesses. It was quiet the weekend we visited but we were charmed and went back for a festival a few weeks later. Here are the photos from our photowalk. I used my 85mm f/1.8 and 35mm f/1.8 for these.

Anna and Dominic sitting on a bench in front of the courthouse. He was making her laugh!

I really enjoy checking out the architecture on official buildings.

Sitting on the courthouse steps. Note that Dominic was still in a good mood here, ’cause that’s going to change soon!

I noticed a butterfly in a tree on the courthouse grounds. I always think of my Nanny when I see a butterfly.

Pickle being silly.

The Chisholm Trail historical marker.

A statue honoring confederate soldiers and sailors. It was too big to get in one frame, so here’s part one.

And part two.

It is so good to see Anna laughing and smiling. I think she was laughing at Dominic running around like a silly goose.

We crossed the street at the far corner to find a bookstore (there are actually two bookstores on the square but we didn’t go into this one). The first thing I noticed were the stairs. Awesome photo op, right?

Curtis thought so too. Here they are looking at him. 🙂

Dominic was on the verge of being out of control, so we had him sit on the bench to try to calm down.

A view down the street from the bookstore corner. Isn’t it quaint?

Uh-oh. Getting grumpy.

And grumpier.

And gone.

Meanwhile, Anna is hamming it up for all of the photos.

Walking down the street, Anna does her characteristic silly pose. And Dominic has picked up a flag somewhere? He carried this thing around all afternoon.

Yay! Dominic has turned around his bad mood and we found a wonderful bookstore called Book Pride to go explore.

The bookstore has wonderful front window light. I love how the shelves just invite you right in.

There was a wonderful area upstairs for the kids. Dominic found a book and cozied up in a chair right away.

Anna found a book to look at too.

I love how absorbed he got so quickly.

It was nice seeing Anna looking at all the books also.

This children’s area really is just so inviting! How could you not want to look at the books?

Check out this amazing spiral staircase leading up to the children’s area… so pretty!

Downstairs was just as fun to explore. There were tons of nooks and crannies filled with specific areas on interest and spots to sit and read.

Even the outside was comfy!

Down the other side of the street, Dominic found a place to sit and read one of his purchases while Anna ran ahead.

Next time we go, I’ll have to stop at this bistro for a coffee!

One final view of the courthouse square. Such a pretty little town!

We have so many gems tucked in and around Austin… it’s been fun to explore them! Thanks for looking!!!

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