365 in 52 [2013] ~ Week Fifty-One

A whirlwind week ended the 2013 portion of the school year. The tree was decorated, gifts were wrapped, meltdowns over presents were had, and through it all we continue to celebrate the reason for the season. It’s all about love, forgiveness, charity, and kindness. Showing that to ourselves as well as others is a gift too.

Day 353 ~ Fall Fell

Literally the day after the lawn care guys mow for the last time and blow all the leaves away, mom’s big tree in her front yard drops the majority of its leaves in the space of two days. I’ve never seen anything like it!

Austin nature landscape fall autumn leaves tree photographer

Day 353 ~ Wrapping

Jenny and I set up a table in the living room, put on Netflix, and wrapped presents. I love wrapping gifts! My mother has it to down to an art… seriously. Her gift wrapping is a gift of itself.

Austin gift present holiday Christmas photographer

Day 355 ~ To the Rescue

Standing in our kitchen chatting about dinner, Anna says, “I see smoke. Maybe it’s steam.” Sure enough, it was smoke! In the ditch behind our house, we could see smoke rising. I was getting ready to call 911, when Curtis runs out there to check it out and hollers for our fire extinguisher. He gets the fire put out and discovers a stack of papers burning under the embers. Turns out, a neighborhood middle schooler thought it would be fun to light his homework on fire. Umm… not too smart. It had his name on it and we called his dad.

Austin fire photographer

Day 356 ~ Oops

Feeling a little stir crazy, we load the kids into the van and go exploring up in Georgetown. Curtis steps out onto a concrete waterfall barrier and plop! in he goes! Oops. He managed to save his camera, it was hilarious.

Austin lifestyle man photographer

Day 357 ~ Unimpressed

A quick visit to Nana’s house to discuss last minute gifts and work decisions, I see Kitty McGee sitting on the green chair. With her green eyes, I couldn’t resist a quick snap… she wasn’t impressed.

Austin pet cat feline photographer

Day 357 ~ Winner

We piled the fam into the van to look at Christmas lights. Each year, the neighborhood district has a contest for most traditional, best use of lights, most original, etc. This house got an appreciation award (not sure if that is like an honorable mention maybe?) but this was one of those displays this is coordinated with music. It was really cool!

Austin Christmas lights holiday photographerThanks for looking! Keep an eye out for some really special photos of my kids making gingerbread houses with Lynn, our special friend from the Front Porch. She is an amazing person, as is her husband, and at lunch last week she touched me so deeply that she made me cry. Lynn and Steve want to be part of our lives and help Anna. Amazing!!!

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