365 in 52 [2013] ~ Week Sixteen

It’s been a great week! I was determined to nip this photography funk in the bud by shooting a lot, every day. Shoot anything, shoot everything… aaand I’m sharing those results. They aren’t all good images, but they are all memories.

Day 106 ~ Serpent

Imagine my surprise when I looked out the window to see a 3-foot long snake on my sidewalk! By the time I’d gotten outside with my camera and macro lens, he’d made his way into my garden.

Austin nature macro wildlife snake serpent photographer

Day 106 ~ Bemused

Playing outside after school, Dominic was telling me a funny story… I think about Minecraft (specifically SkyDoesMinecraft whom Dominic follows on YouTube).

Austin lifestyle child boy son photographer

Day 107 ~ Sidelines

With Curtis out of town, Dominic had to come to Special Olympics with us. He didn’t want to come help and run around, so I let him sit on the sidelines with my phone.

Austin lifestyle sports child soccer photographer

Day 107 ~ Soccer

Eventually, I talked Dominic into joining us for practice. Dominic was an official volunteer and got to take part in the stations after the other kids had their turns. He was a happy boy. 🙂

Austin lifestyle sports child soccer photographer Special Olympics

Day 108 ~ Car Lane

Some days I walk to get Dominic after school, some days Curtis gets him. Every once in a while, I’ll have to pick him by car. Waiting in the car lane sucks. People are so rude, cutting in line and being unsafe. With nearly 1000 elementary kids here, it’s a miracle anyone can get their child in a timely manner. I liked the juxtaposition of Dominic’s pickup tag hanging from my rearview with the road sign and school bus.

Austin lifestyle car minivan school photographer

Day 108 ~ Award

Jenny is rocking her junior year at Texas State. She was honored by the College of Fine Arts with an award… Outstanding Member of Lambda Alpha Epsilon, the criminal justice fraternity to which she belongs. It was an incredible honor.

Austin lifestyle award photographer

Day 109 ~ First Frog of the Season

Anna has always loved frogs and toads. Now that we’ve had a little rain, they are coming out to play. Anna was thrilled to find this little guy and was ever so gentle with him.

Austin nature macro frog toad wildlife photographer

Day 109 ~ Hi Jenny

Jenny got to visit for the weekend. Since she worked all day, she was a bit tired and was happy to sit and watch Anna and I play frisbee. Her gorgeous blue eyes always have a sparkle!

Austin lifestyle portrait woman smile blue eyes photographer

Day 109 ~ Paw Fuzz

I shared this on the Daily Project also… from the family Haemodoraceae, the Kangaroo Paw flower.

Austin nature macro flower photographer

Day 109 ~ Trio

Also from my mom’s garden, I love finding clusters of three.

Austin nature macro flower photographer

Day 109 ~ Outgrown

Heading back into the house with the sun setting, I saw this snail shell abandoned on the tree trunk… outgrown.

Austin nature macro shell snail tree photographer

Day 110 ~ Doll Show

For two months, Anna has been anticipating this doll show coming to Austin. She was on extra good behavior the week before to be able to go and she really enjoyed seeing some of the reborn artists she had met in New Braunfels and San Antonio at previous shows. The place was really crowded and their were only two tables of reborns, so it was a quick trip. Even here, she has trouble with eye contact but she does love holding the babies!

Austin lifestyle girl doll baby photographer

Day 112 ~ School Day

Dominic looked so cute this morning that I had to get a quick snap before school. 🙂

Austin lifestyle portrait boy son school photographer

Thanks for looking and I hope to have higher quality photos next week… sometimes you just have to push through the creative lulls to find your art again. I hope you have a wonderful week!

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