365 in 52 [2013] ~ Week Twelve

This week Anna had several rough days. It was tough. In-school suspensions (two), multiple calls and emails with her principal, teacher, and neurologist, tears (mine and hers). We are seeing her psychiatrist this afternoon. I’m not sure if she needs a med adjustment, if she’s dealing with hormones, or if she’s having deeper behavioral problems, but I’ve promised her we will help her get control again. It breaks my heart to witness these rapid changes in personality and mood, and not be able to know what is best to help her. But in the midst of upheaval, there is normalcy too (actually our normal is more chaos than not). We went to soccer practice, played frisbee outside, and I got a little time to myself and met up with some other Central Texas Clickin Moms last night.

Day 79 ~ Soccer Season

I took this at Special Olympics Individual Skills soccer practice, hoping to get several more images with Anna playing. But she had an odd episode and ended up not playing at all. 🙁

Austin lifestyle soccer sport photographer

Day 80 ~ Lily SOOC

From my mom’s garden… just resized for web.

Austin flower photographer nature macro lily

Day 80 ~ Fallen 1 and 2

While playing frisbee outside with Anna, a huge flock of birds took off from a neighbor’s tree. One flew into the garage and stunned himself, falling to the ground. At first, I thought he didn’t make it as he was laying on his back, but after a while, he flipped over so I crept quietly over to see if he was okay. I was able to take a photo with my macro lens before he flew away later.

Austin wildlife bird photographer nature macro

Austin wildlife bird photographer nature macro

Day 80 ~ My Heart Stops

I took my first image, Pensive, for the CMpro Daily Project and got this one too… I love this boy so much.

Austin lifestyle boy child black and white son photographer

Day 83 ~ Tableau

Taken at Republic Square Park in the Warehouse District in downtown Austin during our CM meetup.

Austin lifestyle street photographer Warehouse District park

Have a wonderful week and thanks for looking!


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