Rodeo Austin

Every year over spring break we take the kids to Rodeo Austin. We waited to go until Jenny could join us, and it was wonderful being all together again. We haven’t yet watched the actual rodeo but some day, as the kids get older, we’ll stay late and watch the bull riding and steer wrestling. Our favorite things to do are walk around (a lot), visit the livestock, play a few midway games (then lecture the children why it’s impossible to win the giant stuffed Pokemon), eat some food, then go home. They never want to ride any rides, not even the merry-go-round. But we always have a great time and this year was no exception. Though it wasn’t quite as much fun being on Weight Watchers… Curtis and I were good and didn’t eat any junk. I packed some fruits and veggies that we munched on instead.

The first few photos are visiting with the livestock. Anna really wanted to pet the cow next to the girl, but only one was accessible. After Dominic introduced himself to Colbert the horse, a goat bleated at us as loudly as possible from across the way, so we had to go visit him. This goofy goat kept standing up to see us, then would lean backward and fall back! So silly! It made Anna laugh and laugh. Then Dominic bought a hat and we cajoled Jenny into trying one on too. A few games, then it was time to eat. Dominic’s pizza was as big as his face… and I noticed the reflection in his sunglasses. I finished out the trip by taking some images of the attractions set against the beautiful Austin sky. The kids were very good, minus a small upset about the midway games. I’m using a new Tych Panel collage maker that is free. It’s super easy to use and I love seeing my snapshots presented in storyboard format.

And for my photog geeks… I traded several lenses to get the new Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art Series lens that very day. This entire trip to the rodeo was taken with the 35. The color rendition is spectacular… almost too vibrant! And the focus is tack sharp. I am very, very impressed.

Rodeo Austin Austin lifestyle photographer

Thanks for looking! (And sorry for enabling any Nikon shooters who are considering the new Sigma!)

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