365 in 52 [2013] ~ Week Eight

It’s been a great week! Both the littles are healthy, my honey had to travel a lot but the kids were awesome for me, Jenny got to visit this weekend, and I was able to trade some gear to finally get the 105mm macro. Oh joy! Two years I’ve been wishing (ahem, lusting) and I was able to buy it used from another Clickin Mom. Boy, this sucker is heavy! I don’t have the steadiest hands so I’m glad I have a good tripod. It’s going to be a bit of a learning curve, but I’m enjoying it so far.

Day 48 ~ Sucked In

Anna has been obsessed with Nintendogs lately. She goes through phases of liking different games but when she does, it gets her full attention. Her current YouTube watching is all about Nintendogs walkthroughs (she adores NintendogsParadise) and she’s even roped Nana into playing a few times. I love her body language here… how she’s so wrapped up in the game she’s not even aware of me.

Austin child lifestyle girl black and white photographer Nintendo DS gaming

Day 50 ~ The Art of the Orchid

My first day with the 105mm macro and I had a play with some orchids I may have purchased at the grocery the day before specifically for this purpose. Ahem. <grin> I’ve not studied the back of the flower before in great detail and I love the gentle curves and shadows.

Austin nature macro orchid flower photographer

Day 52 ~ Hawk in Flight

I know, right?! Wow. I feel so lucky to have captured this gorgeous predator taking flight behind my mom’s house.

Austin nature wildlife hawk bird predator photographer

Day 52 ~ Her Freckles

Sigh. My daughter is so beautiful. I’ve always loved Jenny’s freckles… it’s my grandfather’s Scottish blood and her daddy’s Irish blood I think. I’ve always wanted to get a macro shot of her freckles… I hope this does them justice.

Austin lifestyle macro freckles woman black and white photographer

Day 54 ~ Soapy Bokeh

Do you ever catch yourself during a mundane task like washing your hands and realize there is beauty in it? Yeah, me too. 🙂

Austin macro soap soapy bubbles photographer

Thanks for looking! I hope you have a fantastic week!

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