Project 52 [Twenty-Twelve]: Week 8 ~ The Light in His Eyes

I’ve been working on an update post about Dominic for almost a week but he’s been sick with a mild case of the flu and was out of school most of the week. So I promise it’s coming! We are on week 2 of the Strattera and I’m seeing an improvement, especially with the angry outbursts and impulsiveness. He was feeling better on Thursday and volunteered to do a photo shoot with me. Volunteered! It’s been months since I’ve photographed him all by himself. We had thick, gray overcast skies so I didn’t get great light, but we had a ton of fun. I’ll share his session on the blog soon, probably Monday, but for today, I chose this close-up of his eyes. The theme this week for My Four Hens is light. You can see my silhouette in his pupils but my favorite part is the crinkles around his eyes. Those crinkles are a result of a huge smile. I’ve missed that smile! And oh boy, does this melt me. Seeing your child so unhappy for so long is heartbreaking and it’s been a wonderful gift to see Dominic coming back to us. There is a light in his eyes that shines from his soul. LOVE. <3

close-up macro eyes boy

Thanks for looking and check back soon to see more of Dominic’s photos and read the comprehensive update about his ADHD, depression, and all the assessments and evaluations. Thanks again for your support!

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  • Lauren - Oh Holly, what a beautiful photo! I can’t tell you how so very happy this makes me to read! For a long time Callum was at a school that frowned on meds for kids (and vaccines) on principle, not on a partiular case-by-case basis, just as a generality. We had friends there who had a daughter who was on ADHD meds (a rarity, trust me), and they said put it so poignantly: If your child had all that going on in her brain, and you had a way to quiet it, wouldn’t you? So happy you guys are finding your way down a better path.ReplyCancel

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