The Zilker Botanical Garden

So I mentioned yesterday that I dashed out the door at 11 a.m. in order to grab a quick photo for my Project 52 (Friday is the last day in the week for that deadline). I decided to go the the Zilker Botanical Garden since I’ve never been there before and was shocked to look at the time and realized that three hours had passed after wandering around. The flowers, bees, and butterflies were so captivating. I’m really happy I took my macro lens along.

Note: I usually cull through and only choose 20 or less images to share, but since I took over 200 and loved so many, I decided to say “what the heck” and share the ones I loved! Another note: some of these are watermarked because I shared a few of my favorites on other sites. And yet a third note: I decided to share these all in a row in the post instead of in a slideshow or lightbox ’cause I like commenting on the pictures. I’m sorry if the page loads slowly for you. And gosh, do I have a lot of thoughts to share soon about business and photography… hope you’re ready!

Love the background on this one.

I call this one Moody Flowers. I love the darkness, the stark shadows on the leaves, and the blue bauble of bokeh.

Love all the yellow… happy, sunny, smiley. 🙂

Look at all that pollen!

In Flight… love this one. The dark areas, the wide aperture causing his upper body  to out of focus, and the light.

All of the bokeh in these butterfly photos blew me away. Love my 60mm macro!

This gorgeous butterfly could only be seen in between a bunch of blossoms. I stuck my camera right in between them to get the wing in focus.


Accidental capture… I was just getting the flowers and I realized the butterfly was fluttering in the background.

I will definitely go again, I would love to see this place at sunrise (though I’m not sure I can get myself moving at that inhuman hour). What an incredible place this would be to photograph a special occasion!

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