Sunday Photowalk, 6/12/11

I think I’ve mentioned that Curtis and I have been doing weekly photowalks, where we pick a destination with pretty scenery and take our cameras (Curtis is shooting with my old D40). Last weekend, we set off for Wimberley, a small little town about an hour southwest of Austin. None of us had ever been there. What was extra fun about this trip was that my mom, aka Nana, and Jenny and her boyfriend, Chris, also joined us.

The center of town is a mecca of stores and restaurants almost set in a square pattern. You can walk the perimeter of this square and find all kinds of treasures. I’m not sure what this is exactly, and I thought to myself, “Only in Texas!” and had to get a photo.

The first thing we did was get some lunch. We ate at the Wimberley Cafe and the owner was the one who welcomed us and sat us down. He knew all of the locals by name and the food was excellent. I got this shot of my mom. Isn’t she adorable?

Here’s Anna. She was a little overwhelmed but coped very well.

Jenny’s boyfriend, Chris. Everyone started to realize that I was going around the table to get a photo and gave me grudging smiles.

Jenny… yep… another forced smile! Ha!

Dominic however, wouldn’t play along with the smile-for-the-camera game. He got suddenly grumpy (I wonder what is going on with him!?) and it took quite a while to turn him around to a happy place.

I LOVE this photo!!! Dominic is hilarious! I don’t know what we were talking about… actually I think it was reasons why he was grumpy with the consensus being that he needed to eat. This ended up being my favorite photo of the day.

Dominic brought his camera along too. He’s becoming a good photographer himself!

I see you!

Daddy and Anna… my heart melts seeing his arm around her. Awww.

My mom picked up my camera and got a shot of me! Yay! I’m hardly ever in any photos. She even noticed that i had a man growing out of my shoulder and tried to recompose, but the rest of the shots were blurry. This one looks great though! Thanks, mom!

After lunch, we started strolling around the square. We noticed this store right away… Aunt Jenny’s Attic. We teased Jenny for this one. Then I noticed the cactus.

A closer view of the cactus in front of Aunt Jenny’s Attic. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I backed into some cactus and had some spines stuck in my calf. D’oh!

The flowers on the cactus were so pretty, I love the colors! (Psst, I’m getting a macro lens  on Tuesday… can’t wait!!!)

Sigh, Dominic was still grumpy after lunch so he’s sitting in a timeout on the bench while we talk with a local glass artist.

Here you can see Curtis in the foreground taking a photo of Dominic on the bench. The line of stores stretch well in front of me and behind me!

Another head-scratcher. What is this thing?

Pretty sunflowers. I’m not sure they were real or not.

We stopped to get a drink after walking around for an hour (it was sooo hot!) and Pickle was still unhappy. It was shortly after this that we gave up and decided to leave. These mood swings are so worrisome.

Our last stop in Wimberley was to a place called The Blue Hole. It’s a famous swimming hole that looked pretty in the photos online, so we wanted to check it out. The park has recently been landscaped and there is an entrance fee to swim. They let us in since we had our cameras and no bathing suits.

We were so surprised to see this oasis of park area when we first walked up.

The close end of the swimming hole… it looked so inviting, especially since it was over 100-degrees outside!

This is a view of the rope swing… you can even see a kiddo on it!

The trees were so impressive. This view is from a small dock that juts out over the water.

This is a tree to climb to grab the rope swing. Looks like it has natural handholds, doesn’t it?

This view is looking down the long-end of the river. It’s not a very big swimming hole or park, but what a beautiful place!

On our way out of town, we stopped at the Wimberley Pie Company that was recommended as the best in town. Nana got a slice to go and declared it delicious! Overall, we had a fun day and are looking forward to returning there to explore more… but maybe when it’s a little cooler!

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