Project 52, week 24

I finally got a remote release for my D300 so I challenged myself to take a self-portrait this week. I also decided that instead of talking about the kids in my P52 weekly blog post, I’d talk about myself. 😉

So for this photo, I put my camera on the tripod, changed my focus area from single point to AF-C and got all of my settings just right, then started snapping away with the remote. It was kinda fun! Anna came outside and was laughing with me, so that made it a bit easier not to feel so awkward.

I haven’t found a caregiver yet for Anna so I’m pretty much exhausted. I have one more woman to interview… hopefully she will work out well. I also had some blood work done that my pain management doctor ordered (she follows me for my fibromyalgia). She wanted to check some auto-immune factors while I was in the midst of a flare which happened to fall on Tuesday this week. I saw her yesterday and didn’t expect the results yet but they were in. Guess what? You will not believe this! Two of the three auto-immune factors were normal (the SED rate and rheumatoid factor) and the ANA was borderline. BUT my TSH was high and my vitamin D was low… just like Anna! So I will need to start on thyroid medication and vitamin D just like her. Wow. My white blood cell count was also elevated but my orthopedic surgeon just had me finish up a round of steroids and he thinks it’s due to the steroids. I saw him today. My knee keeps swelling. Every 3-4 weeks, he pulls off about 50cc of fluid. He says that I’m a head-scratcher and that I’m interesting. He likes that. 🙂 I see my GP on Monday and we’ll get a treatment plan in place. I’m definitely thinking that Anna and I have the same genetic code in a lot of areas.

So onto some good news… are you ready for a BIG announcement???

I’m on the cusp of a huge milestone and I’m so so so excited!!! (And nervous too!). On Monday, I will be officially launching Holly Anissa Photography as a legal, insured business ready to book clients. Woot! I still have quite a bit to do this weekend and probably won’t get every single detail complete before Monday but I’m ready. So look for some big changes to the blog very soon.

That’s all for now! Man, I sure do talk a lot, don’t I? 🙂 <3

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