A day for Dominic

Last weekend, my mom took Anna out to lunch and kept her for several hours. So that gave Curtis and me a chance to spend some time with just Dominic. He’s been moody and grumpy and we’ve been worried about him. We started our day by going out to lunch at Dave & Buster’s… he had never been there. He loved all of the games and ran around like a kid in a candy shop!

I love the glow of the game on his face… he was so absorbed.

This game had some scary pirates. He was holding a shooter which you can hardly see. I had to really crank up the ISO to get this shot.

This game was called Fruit Ninja. It’s also an app for the iPhone and I got so hooked myself that I immediately bought it for my phone!

One of the games spit out a ton of tickets. I’m not sure if he was pretending to have long hair or earrings… regardless, he was being so funny!

We all had a good time and it was fun to go out without Anna. She would never be able to tolerate the sensory input of a place like this. I was soooo proud of him; there was a horse racing game that he played against another boy and Dominic lost. After the game, Pickle shook the boy’s hand and said, “Good game.” Wow!

We had a quiet afternoon at home, then in the evening, one of the neighbor’s had a Bingo party. These are so much fun. I did take Anna for a couple of rounds, but let Dominic stay by himself after we left. He has gotten so mature. He was one of the last kids to win a game and he didn’t complain about it at all.

I love how he organized his Bingo markers (yummy candy, eh?). He is a boy after my own heart. <3

Every kid needs to feel like the center of attention once in a while. It’s tough to do when you have multiple children or one with special needs, but it doesn’t take much to help them feel special too. Dominic is starting to be more happy than grumpy which is wonderful to see. I do love him so.

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