Fix-it Friday #64 at i heart faces

This Fix-it Friday photo was submitted by Michelle Johnson, an IHF contributor. What a beautiful little girl! Here is her before:


And here is my edit:

I wanted to try a clean edit adding just a little punch to the overall contrast, making the image look sun-kissed, and making her eyes sparkle.

My workflow, using Photoshop CS4:
~levels adjustment to brighten image and add contrast
~noiseware at low opacity, then used art history brush to paint freckles back in
~curves adjustment layer set to screen, masked, set to 30% opacity, brushed at 20% opacity over eyes to make them sparkle
~hue/saturation adjustment layer to brighten light tones and reduce yellow, masked, set to 30% opacity, painted over teeth to make them a bit whiter
~yellow fill layer at 25% to add a touch of sun haze
~high pass layer to sharpen (the size reduction to fit on the blog made it look a bit sharper than the original)

Thanks for looking!

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  • Christina - I love the clarity & the sharpness! Her eyes are so bright & blue but don't look overdone at ALL! Really beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • ATALW - Beautiful edit!!ReplyCancel

  • Shawntae - Love it!ReplyCancel

  • Her Able Hands - Beautiful job! (:ReplyCancel

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