Day 190

I wasn’t going to post a photo for Friday… I actually didn’t even pick up my camera until well after the kids were in bed. But I got a gift from my mom (thanks, Mom!!!)… a book I’ve been wanting called Understanding Exposure. I’m *this* close to understanding how to shoot in manual all the time. I’ve managed two shots earlier in the year but I have to admit the lighting was near perfect so it wasn’t super challenging.

So anyway, it’s like 11:15 p.m. on Friday and I’m reading this book and I pick up my camera. Now I’ve never before been able to get anything to show up when shooting in the dark unless I set the camera on my tripod and do a remote shutter release and wait and wait and wait. But I was determined. The first two shots were black, just a black screen. I kept bumping the ISO, then finally I got this shot.

Okay, okay… it’s boring, OOF, and unedited… and I wasn’t even going to post it. But this is a year of memories that I’m trying to record and preserve and part of this year is that I’m really trying to learn more about photography. So here it is, my very first manual shot in the dark. (And ha, ha! You can see my two ultra-light beers I was consuming whilst reading. Only 1 point each on Weight Watchers!)


Thanks for looking!

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