The park and the squirrel

I was really dreading today. Curtis and Jenny left for Corpus Christi last night for her freshman orientation at TAMUCC (wah! it’s coming too quickly!) and I am on my own today and tomorrow. With the bustle of the morning, I totally forgot to give Anna her new Luvox. She had been getting so bad about her obsessions that the neuro was doubling her dose today before we’ve even weaned her off of the Lexapro.

I noticed at lunchtime that she was really pleasant today, then I remembered what I had forgotten to give her. Interesting, eh?

Looking back, AEDs (anti-epileptic drugs) increased her seizures. She has very unusual reactions to medications and maybe, just maybe, the medicine that is supposed to help her stop perseverating has been making it worse. I emailed her neuro and expect to hear from him tomorrow.

Anyway, we went to the park for a couple of hours this afternoon and right as we were leaving, I look down to see this squirrel dancing behind Anna. I really thought he was going to jump on her! Of course, I had my camera and got some pictures. We gave him a fruit snack and he loved it. He came back for 2 more and I got some really close-up pictures of him. It was so cool!




I also took a picture of this tiny ladybug that I just happened to notice. So cute!


Thanks for looking!

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