Day 110

Yesterday was a horrific day for Anna at school. The medication she’s been on for the last four years is not working anymore and is causing her health problems. She has little impulse control… and many behavior problems have ensued. I just did not have the energy or emotional bandwidth to take a picture yesterday.

Today is a new day though. I found a child psychiatrist who will take her case and her neurologist is changing her medication. School today was almost as bad as yesterday though I did not receive a call from the principal nor get a pink “discipline referral” slip today. After school, I focused my energy on trying to make it a pleasant afternoon. We got two of the sweetest, older neighborhood girls to come over to play. They set up a tea party at my mom’s house and invited Dominic. I got this shot of them at the table having tea. Do you know that I used to play with these very same cups and plates when I was a little girl visiting my grandmother? How cool is that!


Thanks for looking!

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