Corpus Christi

Jenny and I had a great time in Corpus Christi this weekend. It all became very real seeing the campus and dorms and Jenny’s excitement. I can hardly believe my baby girl will be going off to college this fall! Texas A&M University Corpus Christi is going to be the right place for her.

We arrived on Friday and took in the beautiful view from our hotel balcony. Directly to our right sits the USS Lexington. We went for a walk on the beach, had dinner at Pier 99 in the shadow of the Lexington, then rested for a bit. We went back out for some frozen yogurt then called it a night.

Saturday greeted us with the most beautiful sunrise I can ever remember. We spent the day on campus, got to go to a mini-lecture about the blood flow of alligators (actually quite interesting and the professor was a riot!), had lunch there, saw the dorms, then headed back to the beach. We had just enough time to go the Texas State Aquarium, then we headed home. It was wonderful getting to spend so much time with Jenny and I’m so excited about her future adventures!

The view of the bay from our hotel room balcony.


The view of the beach from our hotel room balcony.


The hotel had these little tiki huts on the beach. This was taken from our hotel room balcony.


The view to our left from our hotel room balcony.


The view to the right of our hotel room balcony.


I love palm trees! These were outside of our hotel room.


A view of the bridge from the Texas State Aquarium’s parking lot.


The view of the USS Lexington from our hotel room balcony.


Jenny in front of the USS Lexington.



Jenny in front of Corpus Christi bay.



The moonrise was breathtaking as the sun set.


The moonrise was beautiful as the sun was setting.


Jenny looking at the moon.


Jenny in front of Corpus Christi bay looking at the moonrise.


In front of the USS Lexington, the moonrise was so pretty.


A Blue Angel jet mounted in front of the USS Lexington.


The USS Lexington lit up at night (this was my photo of the day for January 29th on my 2010, A Year in Pictures blog).


I tried to get a picture of the moonlight on the water, but I didn’t have my tripod and it was really windy… so it ended up with a lot of motion blur. But the overall effect is pretty.


In the hotel room, Jenny was on her iPhone.


Jenny trying on a hat in a souvenir shop.


Saturday morning in Corpus Christi… this was the view from our hotel room’s balcony (this was my photo of the day for January 30th on my 2010, A Year in Pictures blog).


The seagulls are very aggressive if they think you have food and were quite tame in letting you approach them.


Seagulls taking off.


A seagull in flight.


Jenny in front of the Texas State Aquarium.


The dolphins like to swim upside down in their tank.


A little alligator in the aquarium.


We had such a good time and I’m really looking forward to visiting Jenny often once she moves there. The kids are going to love the beach and the area attractions!

Thanks for looking!

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