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Italy: Day Eight (Bonus) ~ Barga Doors

A bonus post for Day Eight in Italy! I’ve always had a fascination with doors. When I was a child, I would hang upside down on the sofa and look at the ceiling and doorways, imagining walking over the thresholds and entering another dimension. I actually started a personal project years ago called Thresholds which...

Italy: Day Eight (Part 2) ~ Old Barga

I’m sorry it’s been over two weeks since my last post! I got sick, then needed about a week of rest, then had to play catch up before I could sit at my computer. I don’t think I’ve gone 17 days in between posts in years, ack! Anyway, this is Part 2 of Day Eight...

Italy: Day Six ~ Capri

Day six in Italy! It had already been a magical vacation and we were super excited about what this day would hold… we were going to the island of Capri! One of our friends had visited Capri the year before and her photos were stunning (shout out to Andrea!). There is a cave that is...

Paris, The End

This is it!… my very last Paris post. I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey with me. I’m sorry I had to drag it out over so many posts, but it was just too many photos to put in one blog post. After leaving Notre Dame, Curtis and I went on a quest to find the...

Paris, Third Day: Notre Dame

It’s time to see Notre Dame with us. The Île de la Cité is the name of the island on which Notre Dame resides. First occupied by the Gauls, then the Romans, this is the birthplace of what would become Paris. So there are two ways to see this magnificent church: you can pay to go in (on the left side...


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