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I participated in a blog circle with other Clickin Moms for 2013 and this is our last month! December’s challenge was Get Yourself in the Picture. While I didn’t achieve the sweet family photo around the Christmas tree that I had envisioned, I did manage to get myself in one picture. Now go see how the very […]

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  • Lisa - Holly I always adore your creative take on the themes! This is just great! I did see your gorgeous selfie on FB from October though too (beautiful!) Thank you so much for your kindness in welcoming to the group this year and for all you did to keep us going! You are a beautiful person inside and out.ReplyCancel

  • Cary - Ok, you cheated Holly 😉 but I do love your creativity as always! It is a true joy for me to complete another year with you in this circle, your talent, strength, and grace are truly an inspiration. Congratulations on another year!ReplyCancel

  • judy Whitmore - Holly you are such a wonderful leader, thank you for taking the lead roll in the blog this year! It was a wonderful experience for me and your alway’s thoughtful and insightful comments put the cherry on top. Many blessings to you and your family in 2014!ReplyCancel

  • adel - holly! so much to say in this tiny comment box… 🙂 i LOVE this image. it’s so wonderfully creative and perfectly executed. i do wish we could see your beautiful face, but i did see your lovely new headshot you posted on facebook so i guess it’s ok you didn’t do it here 😉 thank you for being such an inspirational as well as organized leader for our group. i know i don’t comment much, but know that i’ve always had lots to say. just not always the time to say it… i hope to be a part of your group again, here or on any other project that 2014 brings.

  • Claire Lane - We see you Holly! Thanks for another wonderful year, keep in touch xxReplyCancel

I’m participating in a blog circle with other Clickin Moms for 2013. October’s challenge was Spookiness, which I thought was a terribly fun subject. As Halloween grew nearer and nearer, I sought out more vignettes that fit the theme. Death’s Duel at the Door This image I took at the A. Smith Gallery in Johnson City when […]

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  • Andrea Heffernan - Holly, these are fabulous! What effect did you use (or lens?) for the image of the cat? And I love those door clings! I’ll have to try something like that for Halloween next year.ReplyCancel

  • Cary - These are spooky for sure Holly, especially the last one, yikes!ReplyCancel

  • judy - I’m not sure which I would choose if I were pick a favorite! The first one is unexpected and makes you think. The second one….what is spookier than a black cat! and the third creeps me out 🙂 As always, awesome post!ReplyCancel

  • Holly - Thanks, ladies! Andrea, I used an effect in PS. Filter>Blur>Radial Blur>radius=10.ReplyCancel

  • Michelle B - Wow these are amazing Holly! Each one super creepy yet well captured. Niiice!ReplyCancel

  • Debbie - Holly these are awesome images and excellent examples of Spookiness!! I love the shadows on the doors….very unique! That ghost definitely creeps me out!! And the blur surrounding the black cat is amazing (thanks for sharing your steps)! Fantastic job as always!!ReplyCancel

  • Claire Lane - Oh wow Holly these are fantastic! I think I’d have to choose the cat as my favourite but I love them all! Great job this month!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa - No surprise you found such a unique “spooky” to shoot…what cool door clings! And great shot. The black cat is too cute to spook me 😉 But I love the shot. And the last one—I’d freak out if my neighbor had that in their yard! Great work Holly!ReplyCancel

  • Dawne - I just love these Holly! All of them are wonderful… but I love the cat image!ReplyCancel

I’m participating in a blog circle with other Clickin Moms for 2013. September’s challenge was “Humanizing a Non-Human Subject” also known as anthropomorphism. The goal is to make objects look and feel human. I took this image of a tiny, tiny flower and just as I depressed the shutter button, a breeze caught the blossom and pulled it […]

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It was a bad week. No way around it. Dominic started running another fever late Tuesday night and was then home Wednesday through Friday. He was out Monday through Wednesday just two weeks ago. I called his Pediatric Infectious Disease doctor and got him an appointment Thursday morning. She felt it was definitely another PFAPA […]

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I regularly participate in the monthly Creativity Exercises on Clickin Moms. These exercises are a wonderful way to stretch yourself artistically and technically. August’s exercise was entitled “Creating Depth with 3 Planes” and my image was one of several incredible images chosen as Editors’ Choice! Here are the details about the exercise: This month, let’s […]

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  • Nina - So many things I love about this. The tones, comp and focus and fantastic!ReplyCancel