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Dominic’s News and An Update on the Kids

I thought I was due for a long Elusive Tranquility update. For those of you who are new to my site, my blog started as a parenting blog to share stories about Anna, my now 10-year old daughter, who has multiple special needs and I called my original blog Elusive Tranquility. Of course I also...

One Foot in Front of the Other

Some days, heck! some weeks are like this… one foot in front of the other. What are today’s priorities? What is about to become a crisis? (Ahem, for me it’s paying my 3rd quarter sales tax… I’m about to give up on waiting for my WebFile number to show up in the mail and just...

Anna’s EEG and sleep study

At Anna’s last visit with the endocrinologist, I was surprised to learn that her TSH levels were now normal. She had been being treated for hypothyroidism for the last several months with Levothyroxine and her TSH level went from 12 to 1.4 (normal levels are between 1-3). However, her symptoms are still present… specifically, she...

Anna’s endocrinology update

Back in May, Anna was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and low vitamin D. We recently had her labs drawn and visited with the endocrinologist to see if her levels had improved. I suspected that there wouldn’t be much change because she is still sleeping nearly 12 hours every night and sometimes takes a nap during the...

Anna reads a book!

Anna read a book before bedtime tonight and I was able to record it on my iPhone and post it to YouTube. I’m such a proud mommy! Reading is one area of her academics that has continued to make progress, though slowly, over the years. This particular book is one of her favorites.


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