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Thoughtful Thursday: A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start Six and a half months into the school year, we are finally making some big changes to help Anna. This year has been the worst ever for her. She started at Canyon High School (CHS) as a freshman in August of 2016 and things were bad from the start. I’ve been saying since the...

Tough Day, Tough Love, It’s All Tough

Something isn’t quite right with Anna. It started Tuesday night. Dominic is in the choir this year and has been practicing for a couple of months for the holiday show. Mom and I strategically planned the whole night. She brought Anna in later, right before the show started. I had seats saved near the end...

365 in 52 [2013] ~ Week Seventeen

Well… as good as last week was, this week wasn’t so hot. Anna was suspended from school on Thursday for an incident that happened on Wednesday. I debated on whether or not to share the details, but decided that Anna deserves to have people understand her behavior… and if you see someone agitated and acting...

Happy Mother’s Day to my Sister Moms

You’ve heard of Sister Wives on TLC? I feel an equal kinship with the women who’ve shared my journey with Anna’s special needs for the last ten years. I call them my Sister Moms. Our first get-together of the iVillage group was back in 2003. We called it the Rubber Duckie Reunion. When you find out...

Think About Her

Today is the National Day to Spread the Word to End the Word. It’s been a busy day and I’ve gotten the kids settled into bed after spending the evening with Anna at Special Olympics soccer practice. Having just watched her win a gold medal in basketball two weeks ago, I’m especially pleased that the...


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