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Day 363

Feeling a little blue, a little bleak, a little blah… Christmas has passed and the sky is gray. I let the dogs out this afternoon and looked up at our chinaberry tree to notice all of the leaves have finally surrendered to winter. The berries looked so stark against the winter sky that I felt...

Day 362

Well into the second week of Christmas break from school, the kids are bickering and we all are getting a little edgy. But in between “stop it” and “noooo” we get sweet little moments like this. This is what makes playing Poke Park all day on the Wii with Dominic and having the same four...

Day 361

Anna LOVES her new baby reborn doll, Zachary. So much so that it reminds me of a new mother! She gets anxious if someone else holds him for too long and she has hardly put him down at all. We took a little road trip earlier and of course we had to take him in...

Day 360

My family spoiled me this Christmas! Curtis got me the Epiphanie Belle camera bag that I’ve been wanting since June. It’s huge! It fits my camera and lens, extra lens, speedlite, cords, wallet, calendar, and other essentials and I haven’t even touched the outside zipper pockets. Wow! Thank you, honey!!! I have been wishing for...

Day 359

Merry Christmas, everyone!!! I had SUCH a hard time choosing which photo to pick for the photo of the day today but I think this one really conveys the wonder and magic that was brought to Anna today by Santa. For you see… he brought her the most coveted possession that she has been obsessing...


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