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Creepy Crawlies and an Update

New Braunfels nature macro insect spider arachnid tarantula photographer

In honor of Halloween and the fact that it’s been over a month since I’ve posted anything, I thought I’d go back into my archives and post a couple of super creepy spider pictures. For those that are scared of spiders, I’m sorry! But I’m fascinated by their minute details. This image is from April....

My Beautiful Angel

New Braunfels portrait lifestyle woman photographer

Today, Jenny drove down from Georgetown to see me before my next surgery scheduled on Wednesday, 9/30/15. I really wanted to be able to meet her partway for lunch, but I knew if I did, that I’d be in bed the rest of the day. I’m about 3.5 weeks post-op now from my thyroidectomy and...

Stigma, Shame, and Pain

New Braunfels documentary surgery thryoidectomy photographer

I have a broken body. (By the way, this damn post has taken me four days to write.) I am a chronic pain patient. I see a pain management specialist, among many other specialists. There is a lot of stigma and shame associated with being in pain and I really don’t understand why. I didn’t...

Video EEG

New Braunfels special needs autism VEEG photographer

I haven’t been posting much and this might be the longest break I’ve taken from my blog in a long, long time. Ever since I found out about my thyroid nodules, I haven’t been wanting to pick up my camera or write or do anything but be with my family. I don’t think I even...

One Year in River Chase

New Braunfels house home real estate photographer

Today marks one year since we moved from Austin to New Braunfels. I’ve been meaning to share a few photos of our new house for some time, but life kept getting in the way. It’s been a very busy year! Our new home in the River Chase subdivision is located deep in the neighborhood on...


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