365 in 52 [2021] ~ Week Forty-Seven

Day 323, Friday, November 19th, 2021

Horses at Marbridge

We finally got our tour of Marbridge rescheduled and got to go visit last Friday afternoon. It was early release for the Thanksgiving break so Curtis and I picked up Anna at 1 o’clock and headed to South Austin. Dominic already had plans so he couldn’t join us. Marbridge is a community like Daymark that offers residential placement for adults with intellectual disabilities. It’s been around for almost 70 years so it is quite a bit older than Daymark. We were met by Rosie who did our tour, and she was lovely. The campus is quite sprawling with many buildings scattered all over. They have a dorm where residents share a room as well as apartments where only bathrooms are shared. Anna was excited to meet a staff member’s dog and to see the horses. Overall she liked it, but not as much as Daymark. Which now begs the question… do we attempt to build a Daymark in the San Antonio area???

New Braunfels lifestyle photographer
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Day 324, Saturday, November 20th, 2021

No photos today.

Day 325, Sunday, November 21st, 2021

Do Not Eat Gift

Margi dropped by to check on mom last weekend and she brought mom a gift, this beautiful pepper plant. I chuckled when I read the sign, “Do Not Eat.” Margi was the one who brought the ill-fated chocolate meringue pie that eventually caused mom’s food poisoning. 

New Braunfels lifestyle photographer
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Day 326, Monday, November 22nd, 2021

No photos today.

Day 327, Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021

Showing Dak to New Friend

There’s no school or Life Bridges all week for Thanksgiving and when I woke up on Monday, I was virtually non-functional. I think the stress of worrying about my mom caught up with me. All day I could not shake the fatigue and joint pain. So I was thrilled when I woke up Tuesday morning and felt better. I dashed to HEB at 8 am, got home with $500+ worth of groceries at 10:30, then picked up Anna for our 11 am pedicures at Nailed It. Anna finished a little before me so she started chatting up the woman sitting next to her. She was sharing Dak Prescott pictures and remarking on just how cute he was. She asks everyone she meets if they can get Dak’s phone number so she can call him. So cute!

New Braunfels lifestyle photographer
Nikon D750 | 85mm | f/2.5 | 1/200 | ISO 1600 | handheld

Day 327, Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021

Pampering Complete

Crystal did Anna’s pedicure and Vicky did mine. Anna got Cowboys blue and silver on her toes and Crystal wrote Dak on one big toe and #4 on the other. Anna and I enjoyed our massaging chairs while we got our pedicures too. It was some much needed relaxation and pampering at Nailed It! After pedis, we went to Visionworks and got her glasses adjusted. The Cowboys lost on Sunday and there may have been a throwing incident. Oops.

New Braunfels lifestyle photographer
Nikon D750 | 85mm | f/2.5 | 1/200 | ISO 1600 | handheld

Day 328, Wednesday, November 24th, 2021

Waiting Nicely

Poor mom, she can’t catch a break. Tuesday afternoon, one of her crowns came loose and by Wednesday morning, it had popped off. Not that she was eating much yet anyway, but now she could only drink liquids or eat super soft food. Off to an emergency visit to the dentist! Anna has been so good lately that I asked if she wanted to join us, especially since Curtis still had to work. Anna wanted to bring her toddler reborn, Ellie. We waited in the lobby of Rivercrest Family Dental for about an hour while mom visited with Dr. Miri. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to save her crown, so he’s going to pull that tooth in a couple of weeks. Good news is that she can eat on it carefully. Anna was a doll while we waited, I was so proud of her! After the dentist, we picked up prescriptions, got mom another blood draw (somehow the blood sample from last week at Dr. Kelly’s office got lost and I was worried about how little she was eating and how fatigued she still was), then picked up some Tipsy Cow. Yum!

New Braunfels lifestyle photographer
Nikon D750 | 85mm | f/1.8 | 1/200 | ISO 800 | handheld

Day 329, Thursday, November 25th, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving

I can honestly say that yesterday was the BEST Thanksgiving I’ve ever had. The day was perfect from start to finish. I felt good. Anna was in a good mood and took a long nap. I cooked… ham with a homemade sweet glaze, mashed potatoes (in the Instant Pot with heavy whipping cream and butter, omg <all recipes are linked here on the blog>), peppered gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and rolls. We don’t often have a traditional meal but I felt like doing it this year. Mom carefully curated from her pretty napkins, placemats, candles, and Depression glass to set the most beautiful table ever. Jenny and Wyatt arrived just after 6 pm and we sat to eat. Oh I also made an Amaretto Sour that everyone declared was delicious so I was tipsy by the time the kids arrived. We had pumpkin pie and a lemon Cool Whip pie (graham cracker crust, one container of Cool Whip, and 2 lemon yogurts) for dessert. After Anna went to bed, we played Cards Against Humanity with the new Nasty Bundle that Pam sent Curtis for his birthday. Dominic dominated the game, earning most of the black cards. It was an awesome day.

I’m so grateful that my immediate family is healthy and happy. Honestly, the happiness part is something that doesn’t come easily for any of my three kids so to see them all laughing and enjoying a meal together means the world to me. Jenny and Wyatt got engaged last week so we got to celebrate their love. I’m very grateful for my husband. Curtis is so patient with me, he has taught me how to relax and not sweat the small stuff. He still likes me and I still like him! We have so much fun together and so much to look forward to. Even though mom is recovering slowly from her fall and food poisoning, she is recovering. I’m so grateful to still have her by my side. I’m also thankful that my sisters are in my life again (we’ve been having a lot of fun getting to know each other better) and that my dad has a presence in my life. If you could spare a prayer, Pam’s household has been hit by Covid… she’s the one with CVID so she’s at a much higher risk for complications. Thank you everyone. <3

Nikon D750 | 20mm | f/1.6 | 1/160 | ISO 3200 | tripod

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