365 in 52 [2021] ~ Week Thirty-Six

Day 246, Friday, September 3rd, 2021

Orb Weaver Egg Sac

As I went out on the front porch to fetch an Amazon package, I noticed a small orb weaver had spun a web next to our standing vase. Pam came out and sat with me as I took photos. She is into insects even more than I am! Since I had gotten a spectacular image just a couple of weeks ago of an orb weaver down by the mailboxes, I decided not to share another one. But Pam noticed an egg sac carefully suspended up by our doorbell. She looked it up and sure enough it belongs to an orb weaver spider. Isn’t it amazing? The pattern and how it’s suspended by silken threads is beautiful to me. It’s a little less than an inch big.

New Braunfels nature macro photographer
Nikon D750 | 105mm | f/6.3 | 1/200 | ISO 1600 | handheld

Day 247, Saturday, September 4th, 2021

Gregg and Pam Love

Gregg and Pam graciously allowed me to take a photo of them before they went to Austin to celebrate their anniversary. I was just setting up my gear when they glanced at each other, and I was lucky enough to get this shot. I can feel so much love and history in this look. They’ve been together almost as long as me and Curtis. 

New Braunfels portrait lifestyle photographer
Nikon D750 | 85mm | f/4.5 | 1/250 | ISO 400 | handheld

Gregg and Pam Smiles

I feel so lucky to have found my sisters, just sad that it took us this long to connect. It’s spooky how much Pam and I have in common, from what we like, our senses of humor, products we buy, even what we like to watch for entertainment. Gregg fit in easily as well, I didn’t expect him to open up much this first visit but he seemed to really feel comfortable. That makes me so happy. I hope to have more time with Lisa and Andy soon too.

New Braunfels portrait lifestyle photographer
Nikon D750 | 85mm | f/4.5 | 1/250 | ISO 400 | handheld

Day 248, Sunday, September 5th, 2021

Early Birthday for Pam

Pam’s birthday is September 15th (technically tomorrow… gah, I’ve never been this far behind on posting my P365 photos!) and we wanted to celebrate it with her while she was here. Mom loves baking and she prepared a delicious chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for Pam. She was so surprised! (We were watching funny animal videos on YouTube… it looks a little weird paused!)

New Braunfels lifestyle photographer
Nikon D750 | 20mm | f/3.2 | 1/320 | ISO 1600 | handheld

Make a Wish

I love making Pam smile, her day to day reality isn’t easy. Pam has a terminal illness called Chronic Variable Immune Deficiency, CVID. It makes fighting off even a simple cold a fight for life… you can imagine how scary Covid is. She has to inject immunoglobulin for 2 days every 2 weeks and it makes her feel pretty crappy. (If you are able, please consider donating plasma, it could save my sister’s life!) Gregg deals with PTSD from his combat experience in the Gulf War. They both help suicidal veterans find immediate and urgent help when they are at their low points. Surprising her with a birthday cake made her smile and made us feel very grateful to be able celebrate with her.

New Braunfels lifestyle photographer
Nikon D750 | 20mm | f/3.2 | 1/320 | ISO 1600 | handheld

Cigar Time

The boys went to the gun range and had fun going through some ammo. Dominic was supposed to go with them but he wasn’t feeling well. Later in the visit, Curtis and Gregg went out back to enjoy some cigars that Gregg brought with them. Seth noticed me right away sneaking a photo through the glass but I don’t think the boys noticed. Tee hee! They are so cute. Pam, Gregg, and Seth headed home early Monday (Labor Day)… the house felt very empty after they left.

New Braunfels lifestyle photographer
Nikon D750 | 85mm | f/5 | 1/320 | ISO 1600 | handheld

Day 249, Monday, September 6th, 2021

No photos today. I was too sad because Pam left.

Day 250, Tuesday, September 7th, 2021


When I went to let the dogs out Tuesday morning, I saw a cicada that had just emerged from its shell. I’d never seen one freshly molted like this before and I was super excited. Of course, I had to let my camera sit outside for 20 minutes or so to acclimate the lens to the humidity and heat but I was so grateful the cicada hadn’t flew off yet. Isn’t this the coolest? Its face looks like the grill of a car!

New Braunfels nature macro insect photographer
Nikon D750 | 105mm | f/7.1 | 1/200 | ISO 2000 | handheld 

Day 251, Wednesday, September 8th, 2021

First Cataract Surgery Complete

Mom found out just last year that she was developing cataracts and when she went to her annual eye appointment this year, they said they had progressed enough to need surgery. She was supposed to have the first eye done while Pam and Gregg were here but the surgery center was having technical issues with the equipment so it got rescheduled. It was a quick surgery and they do the conscious sedation type of anesthesia though mom remembers most everything that happened during the procedure. She said it was unpleasant but she could see out of her right eye immediately, even through the mesh patch!

New Braunfels lifestyle photographer
Nikon D750 | 20mm | f/3.2 | 1/200 | ISO 1250 | handheld 

Day 252, Thursday, September 9th, 2021

Post-Surgical Appointment

I drove mom to her post-cataract surgical appointment the following day. She did great, the surgery went perfectly, and her vision tested at 20/40 the day after surgery. The doctor was very pleased. He did sort of dismiss her concerns about remembering the surgery and feeling uncomfortable, that was unfortunate. The left eye will be done 2 weeks after the first. It will be weird to see my mom without glasses! She’s been wearing them my whole life and has always been very near-sighted. She will still glasses for reading up close.

New Braunfels lifestyle photographer
Nikon D750 | 20mm | f/2.5 | 1/160 | ISO 1600 | handheld

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