Macro Mondays: Cloth

This week’s theme for the Flickr Macro Mondays group is “Cloth.” From this week’s instructions (from George Frizzell):

Using fabrics in macro photography is one of the most versatile areas you can discover. Sounds easy? There is a small catch!

Your challenge for this week must be “cloth”. Cloth is something really easy to work with. Chances are that you will have many different types of cloth already all around you and in your home. Each type of cloth has a distinct texture and feel (smooth silk, coarse etc); cloth is also pliable, meaning you can create patterns and compositional lines to help draw in the viewer’s eye in. Look at it in a fresh or different way than maybe you would do normally, and this is what can make your photo stand out. Cloth also comes in a multitude of colours and patterns so you can also make your photo vibrant and unique. So, look for things that are woven, felted, or knitted and used for clothes, scarves, lingerie, ribbons, upholstery and many other everyday items that are really easy to find around you.

So please remember, for the purpose of this Macro Monday Challenge, we are looking for you to photograph cloth or other material produced by weaving together cotton, silk, or other threads such as nylon or polyester to give some examples. So, using natural or synthetic products in your submission to the pool is OK as long as it represents cloth. 

Finally, yarn, silk, floss, thread and fibres on their own, will not be accepted for this theme unless they have been woven, felted or knitted into cloth. Additionally, Macramé and basket weaving are also excluded from this week’s theme.

The Comfort of Denim

Before we moved to New Braunfels, we had planned on building a new house in Georgetown. We had land chosen and blueprints designed. I had a kick-ass laundry room designed based on browsing oodles of laundry rooms on Houzz and Pinterest. That deal fell through and we found our current home and I’m so glad it worked out that way. Unfortunately, my laundry room here isn’t quite what I really wanted, but compared to our old house where my washer and dryer was in the garage, it’s paradise. I do all of our family’s laundry about twice a week. I usually fold clothes on our king-size bed in the master and sorting clothes for five people isn’t easy to manage in that space. On the weekends, I try to keep the bed clear so Curtis can take a well-deserved afternoon nap. Yesterday, I used our pool table to fold clothes and I think I’m in love. There is plenty of room and I’m not in anyone’s way. As I was finishing up, the late afternoon sun was shining through the big windows and I caught sight of the light hitting my mom’s jeans. I thought about this Macro Mondays challenge and looked at the cloth a little closer. Jeans are so comfortable, everyone owns a pair, and when they are well worn, jeans can be like an old friend. Denim is such a relaxing and cozy cloth. I love how the pocket is open a little to create a little secret shadowy space in the corner.

New Braunfels macro jeans cloth photographer
Nikon D750 | 105mm | f/10 | 1/200 | ISO 1000

Thanks for looking!

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