Macro Monday: Stick

Monday, December 11th, 2017

This week’s theme for the Flickr Macro Monday group is “Stick.” From this week’s instructions (from Steve Crawford):

This is a very broad theme so please concentrate on making the best photo you can rather than on pushing the limits of the definition. To get the ideas flowing: As a noun: a stick of wood (twig), Popsicle stick, chopstick, walking stick, hockey stick, pick-up sticks, gear stick, gum stick, drum stick, bread stick, stick of butter, stick of dynamite… As a verb: to press a sharp object into something (needle stick), to protrude from something (stick out) or to adhere (tape sticks, Velcro sticks, etc.)… Though the theme is very broad, there are some restrictions. This week, and possibly continuing into the future, consciously avoid photographing the theme word, i.e. any variant of “stick”. Yes, this means don’t do things like photograph the label on a package of drumsticks. Similarly, arranging objects into HMM, Macro Mondays, Flickr, etc. has reached the “overdone” stage. Please refrain.

Stick of Gum

I’m a gum-chewer. I keep packs of gum in my car, my purse, and in the cup holder of my elliptical. When I exercise, I chew gum so that my mouth doesn’t get dry. When I’m in the car, I chew gum so that I don’t get drowsy while driving. Sometimes I chew gum to keep from eating sweets. My favorite kind is Orbit’s Sweet Mint though sometimes I like the Cinnamon to freshen my breath. This tiny little stick is an essential part of my everyday life and I’ve never given it much thought. It’s one of those things that I take for granted. So here is my homage to gum, may it always be readily available and appreciated!

New Braunfels macro gum photographer

Nikon D750 | 105mm | f/4| 1/160 | ISO 1000

Thanks for looking!



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