Macro Monday: Abstract

Monday, August 28th, 2017

This week’s theme for the Flickr Macro Monday group is “Abstract.” From this week’s instructions (from Janet Towbin):

This week we are going to have one of our most popular Member’s Choice themes. This is the one that got more of your votes every single time it was presented. I know Ventura Mermaid’s “Abstract Macro” theme is going to be a big hit with everyone. Make sure you thank her for suggesting this theme and give yourself a pat on the back for voting for it!

Here is what Ventura Mermaid has to say about the theme:

Abstract Macro is photographic art. Something you envision and then create through the lens and/or post processing. It should be intriguing — not really representing anything familiar – leaving viewers wondering what the subject is. Try to create a bit of mystery.

Make sure your center of focus is obvious compared to the rest of the image to avoid the viewer’s eyes wandering around without a place to land.

Get in close to the subject and try filling the frame. Crop even tighter if necessary in post processing to eliminate a background.

Quality abstract macros still follow the typical photographic guidelines for composition, leading lines, colors, tones, shapes and textures. However, breaking the rules (or guidelines) to achieve the art you envision, could be more intriguing to the viewer!

Lights, shadows and contrasting colors can enhance abstract images. However, if you prefer black and white or monochrome, don’t feel compelled to process in color.

Storm Remnant Abstract

We live in Central Texas and most of the country has been following Hurricane Harvey and its path of destruction. We have been extraordinarily fortunate in that all we had to deal with were gusty 40mph winds and lots of rain. This image was taken yesterday just off our back porch. You can see the drain in the left part of the image with lots of leaves clogging the cover of the drain. There is about two inches of water covering these leaves and it was so windy that the water is being violently swirled around. All told, our neighborhood has received about 8 inches of rain total. Continued prayers are with all those that were in the path of this destructive storm.

New Braunfels nature macro photographer

Nikon D750 | 105mm | f/4 | 1/250 | ISO 1250

Thanks for looking!


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