Macro Monday: Plain White Paper

Monday, January 16th, 2017

Burning Not Good Enough

This week’s theme for the Flickr Macro Monday group is “Just White Paper.” From this week’s instructions:

You MUST begin this challenge with a sheet (or several sheets?) of plain WHITE paper. Not yellow, not blue. Not lined or having a grid. Now what? Will you cut or tear the paper? Fold the paper? Curl the paper? Shred it? Write on it? Will you crumple the paper into a ball? Crease it? Create a sculpture or origami shape? How will you light the paper? Use backlighting? Low light or highlight it? What sort of background will you choose? What can (or will) you DO to make your photo of “Just White Paper” stand out?

My image this week explores my personal journey this year of banishing the “not good enough” voice that resides in my head. That damn voice dictates so much of who I am, what I do, and how I show up in the world. I actually have an appointment to see my therapist this week to start addressing the issue in earnest… and this image is a symbolic start to this process. I hope to share this very personal journey with all of you through my photography and my writing. What words would you burn? What does your inner voice say to you?

New Braunfels macro paper fine art photographer

Nikon D750 | 105mm | f/4 | 1/125 | ISO 800 | tripod

ETA: So the above photo was disqualified because the subject is larger than 3″, so here is my second version which I didn’t like as much… ha, it’s not good enough. The words aren’t quite in focus and the lighting isn’t very good. Meh. Oh well.

New Braunfels macro paper fine art photographer

Nikon D750 | 105mm | f/3.2 | 1/100 | ISO 2500 | tripod

Thanks for looking!

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