366 in 52 [2016] ~ Week One

My favorite personal project to date was the one I did in 2013, where I tried to take photos nearly every day (or multiples for one day!) and post them weekly. There was less pressure than a typical Project 365 like the one I did in 2010… posting daily that year nearly drove me (and my family) insane. But I can easily shoot daily and post weekly… no problem! I have really gotten away from shooting our every day lives and I miss seeing the kids on the blog too. I have decided to only conduct volunteer sessions this year (in addition to The F.I.L.M. Project, I was recently accepted as a photographer for the The Gold Hope Project too); I won’t be accepting any commissioned sessions. So here’s to Week One of my 2016 Project 366 (it is a leap year!) in 52!!!

Day One ~ New Phone

With both kids in middle school, we thought it was time to get them their own cell phones with a data plan. So while Curtis was in San Antonio with Dominic last week for Merit Badge University with the Boy Scouts, they went to the AT&T store and got him an iPhone 6. Dominic is so happy… plus on New Year’s, we ate at one of his favorite places, Willie’s. Now that’s a good start to the year!

New Braunfels child boy phone Willie's photographer

Nikon D750 | 35mm | f/2 | 1/200 | ISO 7200

Day Two ~ Dogs are People

Our dogs are definitely our family members. I have always said that Charlie is a person in a fur suit. Lola fits right in too. She has so much personality for such a little dog and keeps Charlie on his toes at all times. (Note that from now on, you will probably see Dominic with a device in his hands or near him.)

New Braunfels pet animal dog canine labradoodle chorkie photographer

Nikon D750 | 35mm | f/2.2 | 1/125 | ISO 4000

Day Three ~ New Phone, Part 2

So it turns out that though Curtis specifically asked for a 32gig phone, they only gave Dominic a 16gig. So back to the AT&T store, but this time here at home. They don’t offer an iPhone 6 in 32gig, so he ended up with a 64gig. And we finally got Anna her own phone too. Can you see her waiting patiently over there on the far right? She’s playing with my phone while waiting for her turn. 🙂

New Braunfels child boy phone AT&T iPhone photographer

Nikon D750 | 35mm | f/2.8 | 1/125 | ISO 1250 | +0.67 exposure

Day Four ~ Skylanders

One of Dominic’s favorite Christmas gifts was a PS3. Our old one’s disc drive broke in the move and he hasn’t been able to play some of his old favorite games. Imagine his tremendous disappointment when he went to play Skylanders, that the disc was missing? Ugh! I ordered a replacement disc for him while he was in San Antonio and he was so happy to have his buddy, Bristol, over to play.

New Braunfels child boy friends video games Skylanders photographer

Nikon D750 | 35mm | f/2.8 | 1/125 | ISO 10,000

Day Four ~ Introducing Bristol to Hot Pockets

Bristol stayed for dinner, we love this kid… he’s really funny and wise beyond his years. He said that he was going to eat Hot Pockets for dinner if he had stayed at home, so of course, we had to introduce him to Jim Gaffigan’s bit about Hot Pockets. Diarrhea pocket! LOL, eww! The kids were totally cracking up!!! I love Anna’s and Dominic’s expressions!

New Braunfels child friends laughing photographer

Nikon D750 | 35mm | f/2.8 | 1/125 | ISO 1800

Day Five ~ The Elusive Cricket

So my mom went to her Master Naturalist class and Cricket came over to the big house to hang out while she was gone. Cricket knows when someone is trying to take her picture and always turns her head in the other direction. She hates the paparazzi! I was so happy to get this snap of her… TV’s on, everyone’s on their phones, and Lola is jumping up into my chair. Typical night around here!

New Braunfels pet dog canine Shih Tzu photographer

Nikon D750 | 35mm | f/2 | 1/125 | ISO 8000

Day Six ~ Charlie Romp

It had been raining all day and when there was a break in the clouds, I let the dogs out. Charlie was so happy to run and run and run. He loves his new huge yard to romp around in.

New Braunfels pet animal dog canine labradoodle photographer

Nikon D750 | 35mm | f/2 | 1/125 | ISO 100

Day Seven ~ Foggy Morning Pickup

It was super foggy this morning and so dark still. The bus lights cut an eerie path through the dense fog. There is a boy that lives just outside of of the pickup zone, so his mom brings him to our house to ride the bus. Rhonda, Anna’s bus driver, was named Bus Driver of the Month in October. She is awesome!

New Braunfels school bus special needs photographer

Nikon D750 | 35mm | f/2.5 | 1/200 | ISO 12,800

Thanks so much for checking out my new project and I hope that you follow along all year!

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