My Beautiful Angel

Today, Jenny drove down from Georgetown to see me before my next surgery scheduled on Wednesday, 9/30/15. I really wanted to be able to meet her partway for lunch, but I knew if I did, that I’d be in bed the rest of the day. I’m about 3.5 weeks post-op now from my thyroidectomy and the fatigue and joint pain is getting to be a daily battle of conserving energy versus flares of pain. I get my first post-op TSH blood workup on Tuesday, the day before surgery. They said it takes 4-6 weeks for the body to rid itself of all the natural thyroid hormone that my gland was producing. I’m sure it’s going to need to be increased. I was on 0.05mg of levothyroxine before surgery, so we’ll see what this checkup shows.

It’s been a whirlwind of appointments. Dominic’s 504 Meeting was last week and they are recommending testing to get him more services. There is a lot of paperwork I need to fill out this weekend for that. Anna’s ARD was this week and though it ended well, I had a rather unpleasant couple of conversations with transportation and with her special ed teacher prior to the meeting. I had my pre-op visits with my OB-GYN, my urologist, and my pain management doctor in preparation for Wednesday. I didn’t quite realize the extent of what the plan was, so going over all of the risks and potential complications was quite a bit more overwhelming than I expected. Having Ehler-Danlos Syndrome has led to a lot of problems in between my belly button and my bottom. It’s going to be a very rough operation, two surgeons, about 5 procedures all together.

My sweet Jenny… my angel on earth… that’s what I’ve always called her. Today I thought of our visit as our “just in case” visit. I had the nicest time talking grown-up serious things with her. She’s 23 now, married nearly a year and a half. I am so proud of her. She is capable and intelligent, compassionate and giving, a mixture of confidence and humility that I’ve always admired. I told her more about EDS and the implications for her own offspring. I’m learning more about it every day and I’m hoping to plan a family trip next year to the Greater Baltimore Medical Center where the Ehler-Danlos National Foundation is headquartered. They have the top geneticists there and I think my mom, myself, and all the kids should be seen and tested.

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Thank you for coming to spend time with me today, Angel. “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.”

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