An Intimate Glimpse

I miss blogging for myself. I miss sharing family photos. I miss making siggies for message boards, digital scrapbook pages for myself and clients, and custom cards for every occasion. I feel like I have no direction with my arts at the moment. I plan to change that.

I stopped blogging my personal life for two reasons… 1) I started a photography business in 2011 (which ran for 18 months before I decided to shoot only for commissioned clients) so I wanted to maintain a professional online presence; and 2) sharing intimate details of my children’s lives became fraught with “Is this too personal?” and “Could this potentially embarrass them?” But I miss it. I miss connecting with other parents who are on similar journeys.

Anna is now 13 and her challenges continue to be heartbreaking, frustrating, rewarding, and everything in between. Dominic is now 10 and he too is dealing with a lot of difficult issues… in some ways, his path is even harder than his sister’s. And my sweet Jenny… about to turn 23… how did that happen??? She is such a huge part of my heart and my life, I want to share her too. How do I respect their privacy, share what we are going through every day… day in and day out…, connect with other parents, educate others about what “special needs” looks like for us (and how they can come to acceptance), without exploiting their own stories, their lives? I am determined to find out.

I call this photo “An Intimate Glimpse.” It’s a sensual photo in some ways (my whole family walked by the computer screen and said, “whoa, that looks naughty!”) but it speaks to me on a different level.  Hidden within the petals is the pistil. Hidden in misbehavior is a good child. Hidden in sadness is fear. Let me give you an intimate glimpse into our lives, I look forward to starting this journey with you again.

New Braunfels nature macro lily flower photographer

“An Intimate Glimpse” ~ Holly Anissa | Nikon D700 | 105mm | f/5 | 1/250 | ISO 320

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