Robber Fly

Living in the country now has exposed me to insects I’ve never seen before. When Anna declared there was a big bee out on the patio, I had to investigate. However, when I saw this dude, I thought at first he was a dragonfly… albeit a little small and hairy. Once I had my images downloaded, I thought he looked more like a fly, so I Googled “giant fly that looks like a dragonfly” and immediately found him…

Asilidae, also known as the Robber Fly and the assassin fly, are a predatory species eating other insects by injecting neurotoxic poison through their proboscus into their victims, thereby paralyzing the victim and liquifying the victim’s insides which is then sucked up through their proboscis.


New Braunfels insect nature macro robber fly photographerNew Braunfels insect nature macro robber fly photographer

Thanks for looking and sorry to subject you to that!

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