2014 TPW P52 ~ Week Sixteen

The Photographer Within TPW TPWP52

The Photographer Within’s Project 52 ~ A Year in Song has been an amazing journey to watch! Each week, our TPW members continue to inspire me with their artistry and creativity. Week Sixteen’s lyrics were from Good Things by BoDeans and the lyrics we had to shoot were: “Sunlight fall down on the fields, sunlight fall down over me.”

One of the most stressful days in recent memory occurred yesterday. After almost five years being seizure-free, we think Anna had a seizure Monday morning. She had just gotten up for school and was standing at the sink and she spaced out. I called to her several times and she did not respond to me at all, then she stumbled to the left, then she fainted. I almost caught her, but she fell into the side of the tub and pulled down the shower curtain. She didn’t go limp though, she was rigid. She didn’t convulse, but I couldn’t lay her down all the way. She was disoriented and started crying after about 20 seconds. The whole event, from staring to fainting to making eye contact with me, was about 30-40 seconds. I took her to the pediatrician, they checked her blood pressure and blood sugar, both of which were fine. They said after fainting people go limp, then wake up and feel better in a short time. Anna stayed in bed all day, her hands were extra limp and had what I call “neuro hands,” her speech was slurred, her gait was affected, she slept a lot today too, and she had tremors in her hands all day today. Her neuro said it might have been convulsive syncope. We are going to get some tests run and he will see her in clinic soon. Prayers are appreciated. I have to send her back to school tomorrow and I’m scared for her.

So this image is from last week some time when I had a few minutes to play with my macro and some lilies. I love this image so much. I went out this afternoon and shot some bluebonnets in the sunlight that matched the lyrics better but when I think of “sunlight fall down on me,” I think of this piece of art and how it makes me feel. This is what photography is all about for me. It’s healing, it’s beautiful, it’s my soul. Thanks for looking.

Week Sixteen ~ Sunlight on my Soul

Austin nature macro lily flower photographer

Thanks for looking! You can join along at any time via InstagramFlickrFacebook, and/or the forum. I’ll post Week Seventeen’s theme on Wednesday.

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