365 in 52 [2013] ~ Week Thirty-Eight

Anna just wasn’t feeling well last week. I kept her home on Tuesday and she slept the whole morning. All week, her appetite kept decreasing, her fatigue kept increasing, and the tears came back about going to school. I took her to the pediatrician Thursday afternoon suspecting a very full tummy. Indeed, x-rays showed that her entire intestinal tract was full, very, very full. I kept her home Friday, we upped the Miralax to twice a day, gave her a dose of Milk of Magnesia, added a probiotic to her regimen, and are slowly getting results. I had NO idea she was that backed up. Poor thing, I feel awful.

Otherwise, it was a good week. Curtis is traveling a lot for work but the kids are being awesome for me solo and my mom is helping out a lot. We are slowly settling into a school-year routine. If Anna can’t stop crying, I’m going to have to find a behavioral specialist to help her. Hopefully she’ll be happier now that her tummy isn’t so full and we see her endo on Thursday. Fingers crossed that we can get her stable soon.

Day 262 ~ All That Glitters {Go Gold}

This week on the Daily Project, the CMpros dedicated an image to Childhood Cancer Awareness with the theme Go Gold. This was my image dedicated to the memory of Dante Taraborelli. He was 2 years old when he died almost 8 years ago, and though I didn’t get to meet him in person, he profoundly affected the way I parent my own children.

Austin product photographer childhood cancer

Day 264 ~ Teasing

We went out to eat at a new restaurant in Round Rock called Tortuga Flats – Mexican Icehouse (awesome food!) and the kids got these bendy sticks called Wiki Stix with their menus. Well… Daddy got them and decided to tease Anna…

Austin lifestyle father dad teasing photographer

Day 264 ~ Teased

… and this was the result. 🙂

Austin lifestyle child laugh laughing teased photographer

Day 265 ~ Protege

On Sunday, Dominic and I had some mother/son time and he chose to spend our time together doing a photo walk! Oh he sure does know how to make me happy. We walked around Mill’s Pond and I shot some macro (and some Dominic!). He spied a spider web here. I love how all of the green trees reflect in the water to make the water look green too.

Austin lifestyle child nature photographer

Day 265 ~ A Messy Web

Dominic spotted this web (as noted in the picture above, he was taking a photo of it too), and I had to position myself ‘just so’ in order to see it at all in the viewfinder.

Austin nature macro spider web photographer

Day 265 ~ The World Awaits

A purple dragonfly caught my attention. He’s balanced on the end of some marshy grass looking out over the pond. I love that only water is in the background here.

Austin nature macro dragonfly photographer pond

Day 265 ~ Rich Color

Love the color combination of the purple and orange with a pop of hot pink!

Austin nature macro flower photographer

Thanks for looking! I hope you have a wonderful week.

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