365 in 52 [2013] ~ Week Thirty-Seven

This week we celebrated my mom’s birthday and because Anna is so obsessed with the minions from Despicable Me, mom agreed to let me make minion cupcakes that I found on Pinterest. They turned out great and were a big hit! Dominic finally went back to school on Thursday, he missed three days last week due to a PFAPA Syndrome cycle. Anna had an awful time mid-week. Her endo is trying to help regulate her cycle and the placebo pills caused her to start crying and not stop. She had a horrible couple of days and I ended up arguing with the on-call doc at the endo’s office. They completely blew us off and said to talk to the psych or neuro. I just refilled her pills and voila, the crying stopped as soon as soon as she went back on the hormone pills. We have an appointment with the endo in a couple of weeks and will talk about options. I just wish we could take away her cycle all together! It’s just caused her nothing but seizure activity, pain, and complete emotional imbalance. On the good front, I got to see Jenny this weekend… she asked me to take some engagement photos for her and Chris so they can get their Save the Date cards out. They are so cute!

Day 254 ~ Minion Madness

Austin food photographer minion Despicable Me cupcake birthday

Day 254 ~ Pinterest Win

Austin food photographer minion Despicable Me cupcake birthday

Day 257 ~ Covert Cover

Austin pet photographer cat feline

Day 257 ~ Lazing in the Light

Austin pet photographer dog canine Labradoodle

Day 257 ~ First Engagement Photo

Austin lifestyle portrait engaged engagement couple photographer

Thanks for looking!

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