365 in 52 [2013] ~ Week Fourteen

Tuesday morning, Dominic was sick again… it looked like another PFAPA Syndrome cycle but it was good news that he made it more than two months without a fever cycle. His infectious disease doc had him take a single dose of Prednisone Tuesday at lunch and the fever didn’t come back. Wednesday night, ready to return to school Thursday, his fever returned at nearly 103. Off to the pediatrician… he had a secondary sinus infection and the beginnings of bronchitits. This happened last time too… he got pneumonia. So he started antibiotics. He finally went back to school today. So we didn’t do a whole lot last week! He was feeling better with no fever over the weekend, so we met Jenny in San Marcos for lunch, but mostly we took it easy. I took a long walk this morning to decompress.

Day 94 ~ Ill Again

After his fever returned and before we’d gone to see his pediatrician on Thursday, Dominic was burning up and laying in the bed beside my office desk. I let him sleep for a while before going to the doctor.

Austin lifestyle child boy son ill sick sickness PFAPA Syndrome fever photographer

Day 95 ~ New Growth

I noticed that our rose bush out front was wildly out of control a few weeks ago, so I trimmed it back. I was so pleased to see new growth this week. What a beautiful specimen.

Austin nature macro rose bush photographer

Day 95 ~ Refuge

As part of CMpro, one of our members suggested that we create a collaborative project for Friday’s Daily Project post using a yellow balloon. This was my vision… to have a yellow balloon floating under an umbrella that is also floating while it rains all around. It took ages to set up and I wasn’t happy with the outcome, so I didn’t post this one. You can’t even see the water in the background!

Austin balloon umbrella photographer

Day 95 ~ Yearning to Float

This was my entry for the yellow balloon collaborative project for the Daily Project.

Austin yellow balloon photographer

Day 96 ~ Urban Hug

A trip to San Marcos to meet Jenny for lunch yielded an unexpected lovely moment between siblings.

Austin lifestyle child children siblings brother sister hug photographer

Day 98 ~ Quack

My power walk this morning was interrupted by this inquisitive duck.

Austin wildlife nature macro photographer duck

Day 98 ~ Shrooms

Working on a Creativity Challenge for Clickin Moms, I got an extra image that I liked… cool, textured mushrooms.

Austin nature macro mushroom photographer

Wishing you all a quiet, healthy week. Thanks for looking!

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