2013 CM Blog Circle: March ~ Interesting Perspectives

I’m participating in a blog circle with other Clickin Moms for 2013. March is about interesting perspectives. I decided to challenge myself to shoot from the ground this month. Getting down there is not easy with an artificial knee but it does allow for some interesting perspectives!

Sometimes Charlie just isn’t into posing.

Austin pet dog canine Labradoodle black and white photographer

Playing at Nana’s house, Nana and Anna are oblivious to what Mystery is doing.

Austin pet cat feline photographer

Hey… what you are doing over here?

Austin pet cat feline photographer

Kitty McGee is unimpressed with everything. Sniff.

Austin pet cat feline photographer

Anna waiting patiently for someone to throw her the frisbee. I love that she’s wearing her monster shirt that she made at school for the 100th day.

Austin lifestyle child play girl daughter photographer

Dominic comes pedaling by on Anna’s trike.

Austin lifestyle child play boy son bike photographer

My aunt was visiting and took Charlie for a walk. He was so happy.

Austin lifestyle walk dog pet person canine Labradoodle photographer

The last vestiges of fall and winter.

Austin nature macro leaf photographer

Dandelions growing by the Llano River.

Austin nature macro dandelion weed photographer

I had grown so accustomed to shooting from ground level that as the month passed, I found myself popping down there for my P365 in 52 images too. These I’ve already shared before but you can see how changing your perspective for a month can yield to permanent changes in perception.

Day 79 ~ Soccer Season

Austin landscape soccer field ball photographer

Day 80 ~ Fallen

Austin bird Cedar Waxwing fallen nature photographer wildlife

Thanks for looking! Now go see how Jenny interpreted Interesting Perspectives!

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