365 in 52 [2013] ~ Week Thirteen

A good week. Last week was good. Curtis and I like each other a lot right now, which is nice since it seems like we go in phases and have a hard time matching up. Both kids had good weeks at school (whew)… hard to say if it’s the increase in meds (sad) or the new behavioral metrics we’ve instituted (a lot of work) but it’s probably a combination of them both.

Day 85 ~ My Good Side

Rarely do I let my hair go natural and I always forget how wavy it is. And my mom, being naturally very curly, was tickled to see me wear my hair like this. I wonder if everyone has a good side and bad side? I definitely do. I like this side of my face much more than the other.

Austin lifestyle self-portrait black and white photographer

Day 85 ~ Voight Soccer Field

While at soccer practice for Anna, there was a momentary parting of the children which left a clear view of the opposite side of the field. I marveled at the blue sky, the green grass… one of those moments where you realize you are seeing something for the first time even though you’ve seen it before.

Austin lifestyle sports soccer field photographer nature

Day 88 ~ I Get Lost

Probably an awkward in-camera crop… I don’t care. Dominic’s eyes never fail to mesmerize me and he was indulgent enough to let me use my macro on them. Thank you, Pickle.

Austin lifestyle child boy macro blue eyes photographer

Day 89 ~ Please (do not) Discard

Mom and I had lunch together on Saturday, just the two of us. We ate at Chipotle (WW-friendly 9 points for a chicken fajita salad with black beans, peppers and onions, corn relish, and a sprinkle of cheese) and sat outside since the weather was so agreeable. The grackles were ready for us to drop any morsel. I cracked up to see them actually dive into the trash can and I love how they are sitting there just waiting.

Austin lifestyle wildlife bird grackles photographer

Day 89 ~ What Are You Looking At?

Having found an incredible patch of bluebonnets in the field behind my house, I returned home to see Charlie poking his nose through a hole in the fence. I’m not sure he was too keen on getting his picture taken here but he was so cute!

Austin lifestyle pet dog canine Labradoodle black and white photographer

Day 90 ~ Fallen Blossom

The tree beside our driveway is just starting to bloom. It’s a hybrid tree from A&M of which I can never remember the name. This perfect blossom had fallen and caught my attention after Anna and I played outside last night.

Austin nature flower blossom tree spring photographer

Thanks for looking! I hope you have a wonderful week!!!

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