365 in 52 [2013] ~ Week Nine

The weather has been beautiful, trees are beginning to bud, and the birds are singing every morning. Spring is here in Austin! This week was wonderful and very busy. I played with my new 105mm macro lens a lot this week. Curtis traveled most of the week so managing Anna’s Special Olympics practices were more work than usual because she finished up basketball and started soccer in the same week. The critters are starting to come out of hiding and I found a couple of friendly snails that didn’t mind being photographed. Friday, I found out that I was accepted as a CMpro at Clickin Moms, which is an incredible honor. I am filled with gratitude and I’m so very happy. Then on Saturday, we headed to San Marcos for Anna’s Special Olympics individual skills basketball competition, and Jenny was able to meet us. Anna got a gold medal! Not only that, but she had the fastest time of the day for the dribbling event. The day was even more special though because it was Anna’s 12th birthday. She is almost as tall as me now… no denying it, she is growing up. To finish out this fabulous week, I got to work with an adorable baby boy on Sunday for a few photos. I can’t wait to share him with you soon!

Day 55 ~ Hi!

Snails like me. I don’t know why, but they do! I’ll find one and talk to it, and before long, they pop out and say hello. 🙂

Austin nature macro snail photographer

Day 55 ~ Trundling Along

Moving and grooving.

Austin nature macro snail photographer

Day 55 ~ Going Places

Places to go and people to see.

Austin nature macro snail photographer black and white

Day 56 ~ Thorn

From the rose bush in our backyard, a different look at those sharp, pointy thorns. There is beauty in everything. This one called for a square crop too.

Austin nature macro flower rose thorn black and white photographer

Day 58 ~ Underside

Daddy came home from his business trip with flowers for Anna! She was so excited. I was too because it gave me another excuse to break out my new macro lens!

Austin nature macro flower daisy black and white photographer

Day 59 ~ 12

Happy 12th Birthday, Anna!!! Way to go for winning a gold medal in Individual Skills Basketball at the Special Olympics today! We are so proud of you!!!

Austin lifestyle child girl birthday photographer

Day 60 ~ YumYumYum

Charlie was being SO cute… playing, posing, being silly… that I gave him a goldfish pretzel. His expression says it all!

Austin pet dog canine Labradoodle black and white photographer

Day 61 ~ Daisy Asterales

Did you know that each daisy petal is its own flower called an asterales? The entire flower is called a composite because the small yellow center is comprised of hundreds of individual flowers.

Austin nature macro flower daisy photographer

Have a fabulous week!!! And thanks for looking. 😉

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