365 in 52 [2013] ~ Week Seven

I was hit with a cold this week and had several days of being quite ill so I didn’t shoot every day. But I’m feeling much better now and the weather is just starting to feel like spring. I even saw some buds on a few trees! This week also brought me a gently used 35mm f/2 mid-week so it was nice getting to know a new lens and have a bit more reach indoors.

Day 43 ~ Watching

Anna will sometimes stand at the narrow window by the front door and look outside. Sometimes she’s waiting for Daddy to get home, sometimes she’s watching the squirrels frolic. I like to catch her watching and I wonder what she’s thinking.

Austin child lifestyle girl photographer black and white

Day 44 ~ Skinny Macchiato

My favorite drink at Starbucks used to be the Caramel Macchiato, but I hadn’t had one since joining WW in October. I was pleased to discover that a Tall Skinny Macchiato is only 3 points, so I had a little indulgence.

Austin food photographer Starbucks Skinny Macchiato

Day 45 ~ Another Starbucks

This time to meet with the seller of the earlier mentioned used 35mm f/2… I did not get another Skinny Macchiato however. I was too intent on playing!

Austin food photographer Starbucks

Day 46 ~ Mid-Meow

My mom had the day off so I went over to help her move some furniture around. Of course I had to take the new lens and try it out… mom’s cat, Kitty Magee, was more than happy to meow for me.

Austin pet cat feline photographer meow

I did get a clever self-portrait yesterday but didn’t really shoot much this weekend… too busy playing with the kids. I’ll share that in another post though. Hope every one has a great week and thanks for looking!

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